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Thread: Levi's Commercial

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    Default Levi's Commercial

    Okay, I just saw that weird Levi's commercial, and I seriously don't get it. I mean It's just a bunch of ramblings about freedom and liberty, not even really about their pants...

    Is there anyone with me on this one, or am I crazy?

    If you do get it, could you explain it for me?

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    When is a commercial actually about what it's advertising anymore?

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    i know i saw this commersial and i was like "WTF" that was so stupid

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    I thought the same thing. I think there are a whole wave of commercials like this. They're trying to be hip and cool. Instead they're idiots. Car commercials are doing this as well. Instead of showing the car and what it has, options, engine, etc., they go for cool, telling you nothing about their product. We should boycott them.

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    I'm with you guys. I've seen this comercials and it's a about freedom and stuff and while that's all well and good. It has absolutly nothing to do with your product!

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    I'm not familiar with the specific commercial you mention, but this is nothing new for ads in general or Levi's in particular. This ad for Dockers from 1989 was part of a campaign of similar ads that while showing the product never referenced it until the end: YouTube - Levis Dockers "Crossword" (1989)

    This campaign was parodied on Saturday Night Live with this (apologies in advance to non-US residents, I looked for a non-Hulu link and could not find one).

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    It's weird to make you think about it. To make you talk about it. And you have, haven't you?
    Next time you go out to buy a pair of jeans, you'll think of that commercial.

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    Nah, this is why I buy at Zumiez. That don't even screw around with TV commercials.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    When is a commercial actually about what it's advertising anymore?
    Yeah! For example, why talk about playing tennis when advertising tampons? I want to see a sopping-wet one squidge its way out of the wearer to show how great/absorbent/comfortable it is!

    Quote Originally Posted by sparkmaster View Post
    "What pants does Freedom wear?"
    Why, whatever damn pants it wants to, mister!

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