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Thread: Makeshift Diaper?

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    Default Makeshift Diaper?

    I have a need for make shift diapers,like a cut up trashbag and papertowels.Would that work?I can't go out anymore to buy diapers,as my familys friend now works in the one place to buy them.

    Who has a good diaper idea?

    I have at my disposal a few trashbags,some tape,papertowels/toilet paper,and a few other things

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    I have just worn several pairs of underpants (briefs) inside of each other as a sort of makeshift diaper. You could try this, and cut a garbage bag into the shape of a diaper, then tape it on the outside as a waterproof covering. I've never tried the garbage bag covering, but I have considered it before and I see no reason why it wouldn't work.

    I wouldn't think paper towels would be very comfortable, and they wouldn't hold much, but you could perhaps fold a few of them up and place them in between the layers of underwear and it might increase capacity a little. One idea I have that I've never tried is to put a sponge in the front between underwear layers; that might increase the capacity and absorbency.

    Does your family's friend always work at this store when it's open? I would recommend finding out when (s)he usually works and just buying diapers when (s)he's not working there.

    Good luck, and if you try any of my ideas, I would be interested to know how well they work.

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    Here's my best method of making a makeshift diaper. It requires a couple items that should be washed and stashed for future use instead of thrown away, though. You will need:
    1. trash bag or plastic grocery bag (if you're skinny enough)
    2. roll of packing tape, marker and scissors
    3. tighty whities
    4. 100% cotton t-shirt: 1, 2 or 3 depending on how thick you want (should be ones that you never plan on wearing)
    5. plastic grocery bag or a couple paper towels (if you plan on messing)

    First, lay the bag out flat, and then lay the underwear flat on top of it. Use the leg holes as a pattern to trace on the bag where to cut the leg holes on it. Then cut the bag along the lines you just traced. Cut some short strips of tape and place them on the "crotch" of the bag perpendicular to the seam on the bottom but inside the leg holes (believe me, you don't want tape stuck to your leg hair). This is important because the seam is a weak point when you pull the bag on later, and you don't want a tear where you are most likely to leak. Then, lay the t-shirt out flat and fold longways into thirds so that the sleeves are still pointing out like a "T". Fold the top of the T down at the armpits, so it just looks like a shorter T. A second shirt folded up smaller makes a good soaker pad, but I find that a single, very absorbent shirt is plenty for a single wetting. Or, folded the same way and turned 180 degrees on top of the first one (to look like a big unfolded diaper) will give you additional padding in the rear (but will just make it cumbersome to walk). When you have your padding folded the way you want it, pull the underwear up around your theighs, but not on all the way. Pick the padding up by the center and pull it between your legs. Pull the undies up over it and straighten the padding out so it is comfy. If you plan on messing, flatten out the grocery bag or paper towel sheets and insert it flat down the back of the underwear, then reach in the back of the leg holes to pull it down to your crotch to protect the padding that you will wash later. If you choose paper towels because they are softer, be careful- they may rip down the middle if you sit down the wrong way! OK, so now you should have the padding straight and in place and the plastic bag in place inside your undies. Next, take the trash bag and open it, and step into it like you are pulling on another pair of underwear (for me, the hard part is stretching the leg holes over my theighs). When you have it all the way up, take the tape and wrap it around your waist like a belt. Cut the excess off the top, leaving a little extra to tuck in over the diaper. When this is off and out of the way, reinforce the leg holes with more tape. You now have a good makeshift diaper that will take whatever you feel like doing in it.

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    I would think that the paper towels/toilet paper would be a bad idea, if you were going to wet the makeshift diaper. In terms of texture and thickness, they work fine. As soon as you wet them, they will quickly fall apart, and feel quite clammy.

    If you have the ability to do so, I would recommend just taking some old towels or blankets and folding them up, taping them together, pull up a trash bag. Just throw away the trash bag and tape when you're done, and do a quick load of laundry to wash out the towels/blankets.

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