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Thread: Lukie (... & the Subjective Analysis) !

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    Default Lukie (... & the Subjective Analysis) !

    Heyo everyone.

    Well, I suppose I better give myself an introduction to this community (for the 3rd time!).

    My name is Luke, or Lukie, whichever you prefer. People call me both in real life, so I'm not bothered. I'm 18 years of age and live Aussieland, err... Australia. In general, I'm a student who's studying engineering (but deferring for 2008) and amongst doing nothing all year, I'm teaching myself how to play keyboards/synthesisers and working - hopefully to be two jobs very soon.

    Personality-wise, I'm highly introverted and not really known to strike up conversations, although I don't mind chatting if someone else starts a conversation and I enjoy a good chat if the topic's right. Unfortunately, until I get to know you a little more, you'll find I'm a lot more serious and tend to shun away my playful/joking side - so keep at it, eventually I'll lighten up! I'm what I like to call "quietly eccentric". If someone just so happened to ask me to describe myself in three words, I'd probably say: Mysterious, observant and complacent.

    As for my DL/TB side, I'm mostly DL, with TB tendencies. I've known I've been a DL for at least 7-8 years now, but had feelings toward diapers even earlier than that. I could tell you why I like them, but I don't feel like writing up a novel. :p And as for being a TB... well, that side is a little more subtle. I like to wear baby clothes, namely sleepers and onesies, and sometimes like to use baby things (plushies and teddy bears mostly ~_~ ) but I'm not at all into the whole regressing side of it. I just simply like to wear/use baby items with no change of state of mind. =D

    Well, I think that covers most of the bases. It's good to be back on the forums


    ~~ Lukie

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    heheh welcome back, and cool to know that Australians call it 'Aussieland' too :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Your Worst Nightmare View Post
    heh, wb, and are you going to have that LUKIE sig again?
    Ha, I'll see... you liked it?


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    OH HI

    /me wonders if it would be bad to c&p tht for his own intro...

    All that seems to apply to me as well, except change the part about studying engineering to studying web development and not learning keyboard...


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    [Aussie speak] Good Dye, Myte! [/Aussie speak]

    Welcome back to the site!


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