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Thread: Losing your local term

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    Default Losing your local term

    I was out buying supplies yesterday, and going down the aisle got me thinking - seen as I'm British, the aisle was called nappies. I of course knew this, but being subjected to the *B/DL world has changed my perspective on the term; I often think of them as diapers (and then proceed to correct myself in my head )

    So I was wandering, has something similar happened to anyone else? Do you find that you think of 'diapers' instead of the local word for it, whatever that might be?

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    I usually think 'nappies' but there are certain terms with 'diaper' in them that stay as they are in my mind, rather than change to replace 'diaper' with 'nappy'. For example with the words 'diapering' or 'diapered', I wouldn't replace them with, 'nappying', or 'nappied', I'd just use the original term. Also, although I usually think the word 'nappy', I do use the word 'diaper' sometimes when replying to some one who has used the word, 'diaper'.

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    ive been saying diaper fo years now, but constantly keep contradicting myself that its actually nappy, i would sometimes say to my aunt Do you want me to get you a diaper (for my baby cousin) in whitch she would say, get a what, i would quickly recorrect myself and say nappy, or when i went into a shop/store once and asked one of the workers there, where do you keep the diapers, she looked at me and said more or less the exact thing my auntie did.

    I think my reason for this is because, when i first started being an *B/DL i was only 11 and would go on the iternet and read lots of stories, most of them were american, actually out of about 50 stories, only about 4 was english. and would have words like, diaper, pacifier, crib, so you kind of start saying what your brain is seeing, if that makes any sence.

    i guess i could say that reading mostly american stories, made me half lose my local term.
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    Well seeing as how I'm American...

    All diapers all day!

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    Our American colloquialism is diaper, but I've always found nappy to be a much cuter way of saying it.

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    Actually I prefer not to think of the word at all. I usually call them "dappers" in my head, but then again, my friends and I play around with replacing vowels with a lot of the short 'a' sound, so it makes sense to say it like that in my head I guess.

    Usually I censor it when I talk with friends from here, but my friends from here are like me in that we talk about them in amounts of time ranging from never to half a second a year.

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    I enjoy calling them nappies, actually. It just sounds a lot cuter and baby-like.

    Unless we're talking about Molicares.

    Then I call them "Purple Pillows."

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    I'm from mexico and im used to saying diapers (bcuz most of the time i use it online with people who speak english) and using the word paņales makes me feel kind of weird so it's just awkward to use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zagete View Post
    I'm from mexico and im used to saying diapers (bcuz most of the time i use it online with people who speak english) and using the word paņales makes me feel kind of weird so it's just awkward to use it.
    Paņales sounds like some sort of spicy beef dish that's served with flour tortillas and a side of corn and spanish rice.

    Just sayin'.

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    When I was little my Mom called them Pampers; predominant name for disposable diapers back in the '70's, and the most popular of only a few brands available.

    Today, I just call them diapers.

    Nei nei,

    I just LOL'ed about purple pillows...

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