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Thread: Failed to create D3D device!

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    Default Failed to create D3D device!

    I don't know what's wrong with my laptop, but I can't seem to use anything that requires D3D. That includes screensavers that came with Vista and some games, such as Portal that I just installed from the Orange Box. So basically I just wasted $50 for games that won't work because my computer is messed up.
    When I try to play the game, it shows the Valve and Source logos, then the screen flashes to black a few times and it says: "Failed to create D3D device!" then it tells me to go to an FAQ page on Steam's website. I went there and followed the instructions... nothing. It just doesn't seem to work, and for now I'll blame it on that graphics accelerator I installed a few weeks ago. Can anyone please help?

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    have you checked to see if you're using the latest graphics card driver? that graphics accelerator, you're sure that it will be compatible with all those games?

    If you are using the appropriate drivers, uninstall them and reinstall them.

    See if that works first....

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    Accursed drivers, why can't they just fall off the card and onto the computer?! Or drive a car to the internet and back and get themselves an update?

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    Aaaalright, I'm not patient at all and I already tried a lot of stuff, then my computer f*cked up and I just decided to back up to the factory default. I still have all the stuff I had in my D: drive though, and that's where I install all my programs, so it's alright.

    Did I mention I uninstalled the accelerator and it caused my laptop to stay stuck with Windows Vista Basic and a wrong resolution? :P

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    Find out what your video card is with a third party program.

    I don't know how extensive your knowledge of computers is.

    Where I am, what is this laptop, it has integrated graphics? Is that your problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkSunDS View Post
    Did I mention I uninstalled the accelerator and it caused my laptop to stay stuck with Windows Vista Basic and a wrong resolution? :P
    Thats understandale. Nothing out of the ordinary there. So the drivers that you are using are some what compatible. But Isn't this device an Acer? Give us the make and model I'm sure one of us can hunt down what the graphics chip is and provide a link if possible.

    Also, try going into run type 'DXDIAG' and run the D3D tests. Give us the results. This works on XP not sure on vista though...

    And what vista ratings are you getting? I don't know if that will help. But My cheap-o Dell laptop can run orange box fine on low settings.

    EDIT: I just ran dxdiag on my Mum's Vista laptop. Ok, not as many buttons to press as on XP. But just click on the display tab, Print screen it and Show us the information. Should hopefully be enough info for us see if its compatible and to see if you are running the latest drivers.

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    What graphics card do you have. If it is lower than directx 8 it will not be able to run any orangebox games. Install the latest drivers, run dxdiag, report results.

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