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Thread: What are you afraid of?

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    Default What are you afraid of?

    Don't be afraid to answer! I'll show you how lame I am. I've been scared of the dark forever, and HATE spiders and bugs. But mostly the dark. Your turn

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    I am afraid of the dark, monsters, and being alone like in an empty house our in the woods with no one else around. I still can't walk from my door to my bed in the dark because it feels like somethings going to drag me under the bed. I can't watch scary movies because the scared feeling you get while watching it doesn't leave until about a month later and I can't function normally. The scariest movie I've seen is the village (even I can agree that it wasn't that scary) and I still picture that monster creeping through my door at night.

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    Fear itself. No, wait, that's stupid. I think leeches are pretty freaky, but really, they should be more scared of me. I have thumbs. I think being chased by a flaming gorilla on a unicycle singing Don Henley covers would be terrifying. Yeah it sounds goofy, but if you were ever in that situation you know you would be scared.

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    really? not to be mean, but I love being high up (not on drugs, cuz drugs are for dummies)

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