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Thread: Diapers in Denver???

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    Red face Diapers in Denver???

    Hi, I'm Brandon... I was wondering who here on lived near Lakewood/Denver Colorado... The only reason I'm asking was because I was wondering where I can buy some higher quality diapers(tena, Abri-form, and what not) without having to order them from the Internet... Thanks a ton for your replies, also where can I download and print some diaper tapes, I've seen and used Pamperchu's, They are really nice, just wondering where else there are some...

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    I don't live in Denver, but I'm confident there are others here who do. Just wait a little while, and you'll be on the Regulars Board soon enough, where we have a members map.

    As for the topic, you might want to consider checking out a local medical supplies shop or possibly a thrift store. Sometimes you can get lucky.

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    Thank you for not asking for people to meet in Denver... We get enough of that crap...

    My best friend moved to Colorado in July. He's a furry. He lives in Avon now... :'( I miss him...

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    I could see how that would get annoying, I'm sorry about your friend, I hate when friends move...

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    He was a furry too! Like me! And bi! Like me!

    We were tight... More than tight. We were like, the same person...

    I would suggest getting a PO box... I got one recently, and it's amazing! I can get so much more than diapers..... hehehe... If you take the idea up, UPS is better than a regular post office...

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    I think I can try to get a p.o. box, thats a great idea...

    I wish I had that good of a friend...

    Just wondering, what exactly defines a furry?

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    A few of my close friends moved to Colorado about a year ago, one lives in Denver while the other is in Aurora. When I graduate this year I'm actually aiming to move to Aurora as well... -_-

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    *moved to Diaper forum..why was this in "Teenbaby" in the first place? *

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