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    Red face Hello

    Hello, My name is Brandon, I'm 16 years old, and I'm a Junior in High School. I enjoy wearing diapers a lot, but can rarely find the time and privacy to do this. Neither of my parents work a conventional job so they are home all the time. I have a small stash of diapers in my possession, some Depend maximum protection, and some adjustable underwear...

    I really would love to try some finer diapers out, but I can't find any nicer brands at the stores, and cant really have a box shipped to me, I'm sure you know what I mean. The Depend diapers just leak and it bothers me so bad, I'm always worried that they may leak and it keeps me from wearing them more often.

    Moving on, I would consider myself a diaper lover, but I'm starting to want to try more Teen Baby and Furry stuff. I'm looking for a friend that I can talk to about this love, no one around me knows about me and my diapers and it would feel good to be apart of a community that I can talk freely about diapers.

    As far as other hobbies in my life, there are a ton... I really love watching great movies such as The Dreamers, Garden State, (500) Days of Summer, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, if you haven't seen one or more of these I would highly recommend seeing them. I also enjoy reading, collecting things(kinda a pack-rat), listening to Vinyls, community service, and also just hanging out with friends.

    As far as sexuality, I'm pretty sure I'm an Asexual, not a transsexual, an Asexual, or Bi, or gay, or maybe straight, who knows right now... Yes, so thats about it, if you have any questions about me, you can send me a message, comment here, read my profile information, or Email me with my email address on my profile, and we can chat with that. Thanks a ton for reading this, and I hope to make some new friends that are like me...

    Oh, P.S. Sorry for my spelling and grammar if I messed up, I wrote this a little fast...

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    That was an excellent introduction Brandon, and your spelling and grammar is more than satisfactory. =)

    However, I think the Rocky Horror Picture Show sucks, but I don't believe I've seen any of the others.

    Welcome to ADISC =) hope you enjoy it here.

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    Arlikra! Rocky Horror does not suck! You suck! Nice intro Brandon. What do you enjoy reading? Community service? O.o Welcome to ADISC

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    First, Thanks for replying, next thanks for the compliments...
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a little nuts, almost an acquired taste, except for not, usually I hate musicals, but this ones, the one exception for me, only because it has memories of me and my friends... so it probably sucks. The others rock and definitely aren't musicals... I honestly think I will enjoy this more than any other diaper site I've been to, the people are normal...

    Oh, Nonabean, My favorite books are, The Dreamers, lol, Catcher in The Rye, The world According to Garp, messed up but amazing... those are my favorites, I also like to read historical books... So yeah, I'm an Eagle Scout in Boys Scouts, its a little lame, but it'll get me a good scholarship... Um, I really enjoy soup kitchens, and helping all over... So yes, Thanks for replying,
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    Normal is going a bit far But yeah, we're a good wee bunch. My brother saw the Rocky Horror live on Wednesday night. He dressed up as Dr Frank N Furter and he looked good

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    Oh shoot that does sound fun, "I Remember Doin' the Time Warp..."

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    Yep. No normal people here =) That would just be boring!!

    I also generally hate musicals, but one that I did enjoy was Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp (but that's probably because I love Johnny Depp and I would probably have his babies if I was a girl).

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    Lol, He amazes me how different he looks in each movie... I kinda agree with you on the baby thing, lol...

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    He is a brilliant actor =) I will watch any movie he is in. I watched a good one the other day called "Public Enemies" just because he was in it. It was about John Dillinger (The bank robber guy).

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    I'll Have to see that... By the way, since were on a diaper site, whats your favorite kind of diaper, I'm looking for some better ones than my crappy depends...

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