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    Hey there, I'm a 19 year old TB (not sure which I am considered at this point) I have been into diapers since I was about five or so (at least that was my earliest memories of wanting to wear them).

    I had an interesting the development the other day when I decided to just tell my parents about being a TB, and they were totally cool and understanding about it, so that moment will go down as one of the coolest moments ever. I've been wearing them since, and enjoying it much more that I no longer have to sneak around. I look forward to chatting with you all!

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    If you like to know anymore, just ask in here!

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    Wassup Will
    welcome to ADISC, wow, you've been a TB/DL since 5, thats kool!

    And congrats on telling your parenst AND still being loved and accepted, etc.
    Wishing you and all AB/TB/DL's the very best in balancing everythg and enjoying life!

    ~ Will in New York

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    Yeah, I of course didn't know what a TB was until I learned about the power of Google at 12 or so. I then discovered that there were many other people out there like me. Until that point though I just knew I had a fascination with diapers, and loved Rugrats and the like lol.

    I was glad too that my parents were cool with it (obviously) I didn't think they would have been angry, and I felt bad about "sneaking" behind their backs so I just came out with it and told them. They were totally cool, and it was awesome. It's so much easier wetting when you have 0 fear about disposing of discreetly in the morning, being seen with one on, etc...

    And thanks for the welcome .

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    Well let's see, I like video games, music, and history. I also just like learning about everything and anything!

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    Welcome to the forums. I are very lucky to have such awesome parents.
    May I ask what is your favorite video game?

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    Ooh tough.
    Well, I raid in WoW, but at times that feels more like a job than anything lol. I guess the game right now that is totally fun for me no matter what is Beatles Rock Band. Combine the Beatles (favorite band) with a great game, you get a great outcome. I assume you like FF based on your avatar?

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    You guessed it.
    But I haven't played FF for a long time though. Lot's of other games that gets my interest.

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    Welcome to the forum! So you like history the beatles and final fantasy. I will have to send a pm some time. (If you want to talk.) What other bands do you like?

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