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    I had an onesie from that was pretty soft and nice. Anyway, does anyone know where I can get one that is soft (not heavy work shirt like the last one I got )


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    Depending on where you live in texas, there's this lady, she's not very well known, and I can't find any information on her, but if you check the Dallas Craigs list and post an anonymous request, i'm sure she'll find it. She answered my post about needing adult diapers. She said she made AB stuff and could hand-sew me a cloth diaper Try to find her!

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    i get mine from easy access clothing and they are light material

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    lol, even the small is too big for me going by the specs. >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by TygerLily View Post
    lol, even the small is too big for me going by the specs. >.<
    Try Adaptive Clothing companies and look for kids sizes if adult is too big. They do them for teens.

    Rackety's is great for UK buyers. I've used American sites before too but I can't remember the names now.

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    Will do; I'm not in the UK. =P

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    If you lived in Scandinavia I would reccomend That's where I got mine. It's soft as velvet and has lots of pretty AB patterns. But you live in the US I take it, so this reply doesn't really help. ...I'll shut now.

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