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Thread: Favorite comedian

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    Default Favorite comedian

    For me, Dane Cook makes my sides split. How 'bout you guys?

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    Russell Howard.

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    Dave Allen (I think that was the name), and then there's Dane Cook....and that all that I can think of right now. :P

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    Mitch Hedberg, but he's dead now. Robin Williams is a funny dude too.

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    Every time I say Dane Cook is my favourite comedian I get death threats.

    People are so weird...

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    for me it would have to be Jeff Dunham/peanut/walter

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    Today, I actually cried with laughter watching this interview with Peter Kay:
    YouTube - (HQ) Peter Kay on Jonathan Ross 2009.11.27 (Part 1)

    And I rarely cry with laughter! And if you don't watch the clip just because he's a northern Brit, then you're just a racist.
    It gets increasing better, building up to quite the joy-gasm

    My favourite comedian at the moment though is probably Stewart Francis. Youtube him!

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