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Thread: Sleeping while diapered

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    Default Sleeping while diapered

    I tried wearing last night and just found it impossible to fall asleep. Does anyone else have this problem? Any solutions?

    I appreciate the help,

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    I have that problem, but I don't really have any solutions other than wet the diaper and wear the day after.

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    Yes, I find I have exactly the same problems. I find that I'm just too distracted by the fact that I'm wearing to fall asleep.
    There are several other threads on this subject, like this one:

    I guess it just takes some time to get used to before you are able to sleep while wearing. After doing it for a few nights, it may be easier to get to sleep.

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    Do you feel nervous, or is it the excitement of it?

    I can't say I've experienced it myself, but it has taken me longer to get too sleep, although I do feel I sleep deeper.

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    Possibly excited, all I felt was tired but just couldn't fall asleep. I'll just have to try and wear more often.

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    Thats intetresting, I have the opposite issue, when I cant fall asleep, a diaper usually helps put me under, maybe you have some sexual tension built up, try... umm.... deflating such tension before you go to bed first?

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    I used to be the same, after just trying all the time i got used to it, now I'm able to sleep easily whilst wearing a drynite

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    Quote Originally Posted by yourhuggies View Post
    try... umm.... deflating such tension before you go to bed first?

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    ive never had any problems falling asleep in a diaper/drynites.

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    I think it just takes some adjusting. When I first wore them to bed, yeah, it was hard to fall asleep. But as you become used to it, you're body wont be as confused/distracted (not sure if that is such a good thing if you want to keep the originality and "innocence" in the experience).

    Quick question. I'm kind of out of the loop concerning online lingo. What does "fap" mean?

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