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    Default Hi

    New here, 26, male from Spain ^^
    I still got to fill out my profile, but wanted to say hello ^^

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    Hey Ldesu,

    How's it going over there in Spain? Why dont you tell us something about yourself? Do you like Pumpernickle or White bread? Anything XD

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    Welcome to the site. Care to tell us a little more about yourself. I don't think we have any other members from Spain.

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    Yeah bancobit, i think there are so few of us, spaniards, in these forums because most people here in spain cant really speak english.

    About myself, well, kind of a cliché. Videogames, anime and the usual stuff. I also like rock music (muse, strokes...) and reading anything that remains still for more than a minute hehe

    I've been watching over the forum for a couple months before deciding to introduce myself since most ab/dl places are a bit creepy, but i gotta say that adisc seems quite an enjoyable place; maybe even somewhere to belong

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    Welcome to ADISC! I believe that there is another Spaniard on this forum. Don't need to be shy, we don't bite. But I can say that this is a pretty safe site here.

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    hi LDESU
    welcome to ADISC!
    Yo hablo un picitu espan~ol tambien

    Your english seems really good, how many years have you studied this crazy language?
    ~ Will

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    hey wwetbed ! thanks for the compliment hehe
    There are so many tv series, videogames or movies that take so long to get translated into european languages (most come at the same time in spanish, italian, german ...) If you dont wanna wait six months to know how your favourite series ends, you need to understand english ^^

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    That's cool man.
    Tu hablas ingles muy bien.

    (If I wrote that wrong, I'm sorry, I'm Spanish III right now.)

    P.S. I love Muse, High Five!

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    hey thanks adding me thru the psn,
    being european i could understand why your english would be good.
    i think us speaking people ( that also includes americans :p ) are just too lazy to learn a different language .
    i can read and write flemish and dutch - how will this benefit me !? LOL
    FuzzyBeans - psn,

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