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Thread: abena abriform xplus my review

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    Default abena abriform xplus my review

    Having just tried some of these out...
    verdict: they're shit.
    The only good thing, is the crappy crinkle plastic, has some novelty to it!

    But these are worse than depends...

    Having tried a few out now... i'd rate :
    1st: Tena
    2nd: Lillie
    3rd: Molicare
    4th: abena (only gets 4th cause it has crinkly plastic)
    5th: depends

    I have tried other brands, but they're too shit to mention.

    But yeah, sitting the tena and abena side by side, they dont even compare. Tena is a million times higher quality.
    The abena does not seem to absorb barely anything. Maybe 600ml?? An it doesnt swell up much at all,... doesn't have much/if any of that gel stuff.

    This may ad to the appeal, they're crappyness gives them some character. But if you actually needs something to work... dont get them.

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    Mmm, I respectfully disagree.

    Abena's are _very_ absorbant. Much, much more absorbant than the Tenas. For me at least, they're a much, much better fit than the Tenas, and they actually have long side barriers to prevent leaks, which is a big problem I had with the Tenas. And my only complaint with the Abenas would be how much they actually do swell up, so yeah, I think we must be wearing different ones!!

    With that said, I'll agree with you. The Lille's are fantastic. Though, their plastic is very, very thick and can get a bit much on hot, Melbournian days.

    Still, as they say, "To each, his own".

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    abenas xplus are fantastic ,
    the only thing i did not like about them was the lack of elastic waisteband to keep it snug

    beats me why most of them these days lack of a elastic waisteband same with tranquilitys overall wonderfull

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    Dude, I think you got one of the cheap abena types rather than the x plus. They are thick, fit great and have excellant padding.


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    Abena Abri-Form X-Plus is quite possibly the finest diaper on the market, certainly in the top 3...are you sure that's what you had?


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    Why don't you add your opinions to the wiki? Add another diaper review.

    I'm guessing you'll be getting the euro tenas, which I've heard very good things about.

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    Unless you somehow got a *really* defective batch, you must be talking about a different product entirely. Abenas indisputably absorb many times their weight in liquid. Are you sure you didn't put it on backwards? (plastic on the inside)

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    And don't forget, not every type is good for your body size etc. For some Abena work better for other tena or Molicare. It just depends on you sometimes :p

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