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    Default An odd dream

    ok, i had this really weird dream that i can't get out of my head

    It starts with me in bed, nothing unusual. Then my friend Shane is in my room, and wakes me up. I tell him to leave so he jumps out the window (me being on the second floor).

    So after that fit of random, i go outside my room into a hallway, nothing out of the ordinary, still the regular structure of my house.

    Once i get to the stairwell however, things take a turn for the odd.

    Two boys (around 5 and 3) are there, both looking the "usual" kind of sick. You know, pale, bloodshot eyes, the works.

    The older boy says to me "I'm sorry your mad, buddy." Buddy being a nickname, not any sort of deragatory term. I tell him i'm not mad, and he hugs me.

    The 3 year old goes in for a hug, then stops and starts crying, the five year old telling him afterwards, "You know, Buddy's pretty mad at you..."

    I look at the three year old, then back at the five year old, who's nose had started pouring out a disgusting mixture of blood and mucous.

    At this point i was fairly confused, so i looked back at the three year old. Sure enough, his nose was leaking, too.

    After a while of me trying to promote clotting, both the boys fall over dead.

    I scream then wake up.

    Sorry, just wanted to share

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    How do you put a smiely face at the end of that?

    Also, I've had numerous ridiculous dreams, and I figure sometimes your brain is telling you something, and sometimes it's just messing around. I'm not into any big old theories about how seeing something in your dream pertains to real life (like a giraffe means you want to get married or something...), but I think your mind can sometimes showcase what you're thinking way deep down. I'm hoping that's not the case here, cause I can't think of anything good this dream would mean.

    Sleep better tonight.

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    Well, last night's dream wasn't nearly as odd or noteworthy

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    Damn. That would be scary to envision. Sounds like a scene from a scary movie. Unfortunately my dreams are too shady to describe. Surprised that you couldn't get that dream out of your head. Mine usually fade out after 5 minutes.

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    Well since dreams come from whatever you think about while you sleep they often will be very odd and random. My dreams often have some deeper meaning like something i am trying to tell myself or remind myself of.

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    I think you may be watching too many disturbing movies or playing vidio games, and it's playing somehow into your dreams.

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