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Thread: *B/DL link to bedwetting

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    Default *B/DL link to bedwetting

    I am wondering if theres a connection between being a Diaper lover and being a bed-wetter as a child.
    At the risk of sounding like a Deeker post, I read a lot that many diaper lovers were bed wetters and were forced into diapers as a result.
    I was not a bed wetter, but I like diapers. Two of my cousins were but they seem to have no interest in diapers. What about all of you, who was a bed wetter, and who think there is a connection
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    You might just have something here Yourhuggies. I was a bed wetter as a child and wet the bed until I was 9 and wore cloth diapers and plastic pants. I am now a DL and have been for as long as I can remember. I still remember wearing my bed wetting diapers until I was 12 and getting caught by my mother. She took them away but I still found some that she was using for dusting rags. I used them until I grew out of them. I still love wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants and can't seem to ever have enough plastic pants around though. I sure hope that we get more responses on this post and see how many others are like me.

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    I wet the bed till I was 7/8. Wore diapers for it till 6 or so. I would say that I was a DL even while I was still a bed wetter. I loved diapers even then. It may have strengthened my desires, but that is just speculation. I remember trying to stay in my wet diaper in the morning for as long as my mom would let me. She always would say "Austin, that is gross, you need to take it off right when you wake up." But...I would always forget to do it .

    I still wonder why I didn't choose to just keep on wetting the bed and wearing diapers all the way through childhood. Guess children just don't have that intuition. Sure wish I did, though

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    I never wet the bed (or at least very rarely, and not for longer than several years). I believe I was quite early to be trained, and I did quite well.

    Embarassingly, I had quite a few day time accidents, especially at school, purely because I was to scared to ask.

    I was quite shy, and although irregular, I can remember having 3 accidents at school, the last one when I was 11, in my first year of secondary school. Incredibly humiliating, but somehow I think I got away with it. We had PE after that lesson, so there was some opportunity for the trousers to dry. I then just kept my head down and kept myself to myself. I'm sure one of their friends suspected something, but (luckily) they were kind enough not to say anything.

    So, looks like there's a trend!

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    I wet the bed until I was 9. Parents always threatened to put me back into diapers, but never did.

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    I never had a problem with this as far as I am aware, but pretty much as soon as I was out of diapers, I had a fascination with them. Do not know why.

    I am sure bedwetting influenced some people, but that is not saying much. Anything can influence a person in any number of dichotomous ways.

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    I never wet the bed, yet still a strong DL

    But there's other things that could possibly make me one, for example a neighbor... she was a bed wetter, and i remember when i was near 7 or 8, we were around her house and she was going on about how there was a lot of nappies up in the loft. I kept asking to see them, but never did.

    I also remember liking the feeling of sitting on half of my pillow, and pulling the other half up, then lying down.. never thought of it as a nappy when i as younger though.

    But yea, i guess possibly bed wetting is one theory that can cause this

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    I was 12 when my mother diapered me in front of my sisters and brothers. They were all younger then me but one sister. I had no idea why i was wetting the bed so late of age. When i was 5 or i remember going into the bathroom where the used baby diapers were stored before washing pull them up between my legs and sit on the floor with them on. At a very young age i wanted to wear them. There is other stuff that happened to me that i am not ready to discus with any one yet and i am 57. There is no one set reason or common denominator why we do this.

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    I never wet the bed past the age of 5 years, but even then, I still wanted to wear diapers ( especially with frilly, rhumba-style diaper covers ). Alas, this was not to be until many years later.

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