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Thread: When wearing a diaper feels "normal"....

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    Default When wearing a diaper feels "normal"....

    Like most people, I was very self conscious when I first started wearing a diaper during the day... and having to change myself in a bathroom was a worry for me too. But after a while, it all became second nature, and most of the time now I forget I'm even diapered. I wear at the gym under my shorts while working out, and I really don't worry anymore if I look at all puffy. (As if anyone really looks or would notice anyway, right?) And if I need to change myself in a stall, it's OK. I mean... it's not that I WANT people to see that I'm diapered... I just think: "Hey, this is a fact of life for me, and I'm not ashamed anymore."

    Who's with me? Have you had the same path from self-consciousness to acceptance as well?

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    well I'm very happy for you finding easyness to a differnt life
    when that happens to me will most likely be the time summen up alot of pride to tell a famly member or frend. not happing soon

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    Well, as I am not incontinent and don't need to wear all day, I can honestly say that I haven't quite gotten that far into feeling comfortable about being in public when diapered. However, I have become so much more comfortable and confident with my diaper wearing around the house ever since I started wearing them every night a few months ago.

    For me, I feel I need to wear diapers at night time, otherwise I will spend all day thinking about it and fixating on it. When I regulate it to night time only wearing, that allows me to get on with my days without that nagging thought constantly clogging my thoughts. I have started caring less and less about what other people in my house think in these issues (although they mostly know about it and are at least fairly supportive of it), so I don't worry too much about people knowing when I'm changing my diaper or when I'm wearing anymore.

    It takes time; it takes practice; it takes acceptance of yourself to get to this place man. I can see you are already there, whether you like it or not. I'm excited for you, because this is pretty much never an easy task, but you seem to be handling it pretty well. More power to you . Thanks for sharing.

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    Yeah its normal for me. probaly cause ive been diapered for my entire life lol

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    I am not incontinent, but I am at the point where I can wear and forget I have one on. They hide well under my cloths, and there have been a couple times I wet and forgot it was wet until I changed it. I can go for weeks without wearing, and then when I put one on again, I still have the anticipation I did the first time I put one on.

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    Being in and out of diapers seems to be becoming a normality. It's nothing new to me anymore, even though it's soooo awesome every time! I don't want to lose the allure of wearing diapers by wearing all the time, because it's like having too much of a good thing. I wanna keep that childlike excitement!

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    My experience varies. Sometimes it is completely second nature to me, I wear, I change, I pee, and I go about my normal life at work, at home etc. Diaper, no diaper, no difference.

    At other times wearing a diaper is _very_ distracting, prevents me from focusing on work, situations and people.

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    I am also not incontinent, but not wearing feels weirder than wearing. Although I am still not too comfortable wearing around family, I like the feeling of being in a diaper. I stay diapered most of the day, and allow myself to only use 1 diaper a day, on average, for its intended purpose. Other than that, I use the toilet to take care of business, and can therefore stay in a nice clean and very well powdered diaper during the whole day.

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    Its been a relief to finally be somewhat comfortable in diapers. I only wear them to bed for necessity but I am no longer ashamed in front of my wife now. I have told my mother and mother-in-law and they both have been really supportive. My mother even gave me money and told me about a specialty shop and stock up so I dont have to buy any for a while. The other day i took my wife to work early in the morning and was going back to sleep when I got home and went out wearing and came back home and slept. I think people's conception of diapers worn by adults is misconstrued. I think in their minds only old people, sick, handicaped, or perverts wear diapers. And thats a shame because people of all walks of life wear or have to wear them and the stigma it places on somepeople can be humiliating. If you wear them for fun or for necessity, you shouldnt be judged and more exposure of our plight needs to be known. But close minded people suck anyways.

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    They are normal for me. I have been 24/7 for 2.5 years now. I tossed all my undies over a year ago.

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