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Thread: Favourite album covers

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    I'm afraid I lack your diligence in getting all the image sizes to match. This was an interesting little diversion as it showed how few striking album covers I have. The heavy metal genre is clearly still way out in front making big, crazy art for their covers, while at least most of what I have are straight band photos or perhaps altered in some somewhat artistic way. I stuck with only albums I had and steered clear of the easier targets (what few 70s mainstays I might have that would put some effort into a cover by default). Nothing much to be done about the small image for Infected other than scanning it myself. The band name makes it somewhat Google-proof and it probably didn't get all that much attention in the first place.

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    Viva la Hova

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    If you are curious on the heads of the Electric Circus Album Cover, here is a list of the heads from left-right top-bottom order.

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    This use to be my avitare when I first started going here on TBDL.

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