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Thread: Tiger Woods' Accident

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    Default Tiger Woods' Accident

    Tiger Woods in Car Accident outside House

    As a sports buff, I think this is the highlight of the day. The only reason I took it seriously because on my way to the mall there was a collision only 6 feet in front of our car. That was scary. At least he is doing well and has been released from the hospital.

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    Wow, injuries to the face That could have been very serious, me and my big brother got to see him in person, While he was at the The Turnberry open. he happend to come into the restaurant we where working with several other golfers my brother being one of the chefs got the honour to make him and his fellow players their supper.
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    There's probably some poor dude who barely sruvived an epic mauling by a cougar today, and he only made it by using his severed arm to beat the cougar to death. He goes home, gets some local coverage and a high five from the conservation officer, and then turns on his tv to see that the world is more concerned abotu Tiger Woods in a car accident.

    Also, he's Tiger Woods... he's like immortal or something anyways.

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    Funny that he is now in Sex Rehab... Now I feel bad cause this thread was made the day of the accident and before all the let out in between. Now he is in sex rehab.

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