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Thread: Recommend me some Ipod Touch apps please.

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    Default Recommend me some Ipod Touch apps please.

    So i'm pretty confident that i'm getting an Ipod Touch(32 gig) as a part of Christmas. So I was wondering what are some good apps that I can get for it. SO far the only 2 I think I want that I heard of are some language learning app(For Japanese) and Nazi Zombie game or something.

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    App Store:
    Colloquy (IRC client) $4.99
    Tap Tap Revenge : Free (TTR 2), $1.99 (Classic and 3). The iPod equivalent of guitar hero.
    Facebook: Free

    If you jailbreak it (you can't jailbreak the 3rd gen fully yet, but you might be able to eventually), you can install more apps aswell. However, if Apple find out, your warranty is void.
    gpSPhone (cydia store) $4.99 - Play GBA games on you iPod touch
    psx4iphone (cydia) - Play PS1 games (only if you get a 3rd gen or 3GS) - Free
    Winterboard (cydia) - Install Themes (Free)
    MxTube (cydia) - Download Youtube videos - Free.

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    What exactly are you looking for? Games, social apps, music related ones, etc?

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    Tower Madness. it is awesome. There is free version which makes it best.

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    Doodlejump and Bikini Inspector. Make sure ya jailbreak the little bastard, too.

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    I love Texts from Last Night ($0.99) and FMyLife (Free), those are probably the apps I use the most, haha.

    Stanza (Free) is also pretty awesome if you like to read "classic" books. They have a lot of free ebooks available. Frotz (Free) is a great interactive fiction app; there are lots of games to choose from.

    As for games, I love Pocket God ($0.99), which is just a goofy game in which you get to kill pygmies in creative ways. Or make them dance. Or turn them into zombies. Tatomic (Free) and CashMachine (Free) are also really fun puzzle games, and easy to get the hang of.

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    Ive got a jailbrocken touch with many awesome apps such as Ravensworld, Fifa 10, Real racing, Doom ressurection, Blackjack, Translator with voice with over 40 languages, Dark hill, Quake4, Pandorum, Call of duty zombies and many many more, All are available at app store for less than $5 each, Translater requires wifi or edge.
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    I've had mine for a year, and here are my favorite apps.


    TowerMadness - tower defense game, amazingly fun
    iHeartRadio - thousands of radio stations free, local and nationwide, as well as others like Pride radio and Stripped
    iShoot lite - tank game, adjust your angle and power and kill the other tanks
    MobileLinked - chat client
    yahoo OneConnect - yahoo client
    Flixter - movie app, view trailers and ratings and movie theaters near you, updated in real time
    Backgrounds - great for searching for nifty backgrounds based on category

    If you play an MMO:

    WowArmory - view characters, mail, guild, gear, anything you can do in the online armory, right on your iTouch
    Eve Capsuleer - view training times and isk, like a mini EVEmon without the planner


    Distant Shore - Beach app where you send out messages in bottles as well as receive them, all anonymous. my review: oh my god, this is SUCH a fun app! it is totally anonymous so you can send messages like "omg i like diapers" and the responses you get can be funny or insulting or anywhere in between! and some people are really nice, others are just plain fun to mess with

    iShoot - same as iShoot lite, but 10x better

    StreamItAll - if there is a stream you want to listen to, this is an app for you. I got it for SecondLife, when DJ's would broadcast on streams and my laptop has no sound

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    What exactly are you looking for? Games, social apps, music related ones, etc?
    I guess like yeah those. Whats a music app though, aren't ipods made to play music ?

    Thanks everyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Light View Post
    I guess like yeah those. Whats a music app though, aren't ipods made to play music ?

    Thanks everyone else.
    your iPod has a built in music manager, all you gotta do is put songs on it and it'll sort em just like any other ipod, by artist, album, song name, playlists, date added, etc, and you can even search for songs

    iheartradio - this is a radio app + lots more...

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