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Thread: "Beta" testing lol

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    Default "Beta" testing lol

    Hey, I dunno if anyone saw my previous thread about the multiple underwear diaper. I'm redoing it because someone suggested adding a plastic layer so I did that and I'm using 10 pairs of underwear this time. I drank tons of fluid and haven't gone in hours lol So I'm typing fast cuz I REALLY have to and I'll check back with results ^_^

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    Uhm...10 layers of underwear won't absorb shit. What you need are you actual diapers.

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    Okay, I have to admit it did a very good job. The cleanup after was gross lol I had to wash my legs from pulling them down. Credit to Glad Force-Flex for holding up so well. But yes, if you're desperate, I dunno. I'm diaperless for a long long time. But yeah, it holds up pretty good, but in the end I say;


    If I manage to find a good way to get Goodnites/Underjams (My faves <3) by my parents, I'm NEVER doing this again.

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    Hope you have a towel to clean up.

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    Yeah, out of it all, the trashbag was the saviour. It held in very well.

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    I got a UPS Mailbox for this reason. Contrary to popular belief, there is no actual age requirement.

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    Tiger underwear may be an option for you. The 4 panel underwear can handle a small wetting. If you wear multiples they will hold more.

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    I would also second that actual diapers would be the better solution.

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