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Thread: Stupid stuff you believed in as a kid?

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    Default Stupid stuff you believed in as a kid?

    As kids, we all seems to get crazy thoughts that, at the time, seem smart, but are really just very stupid.

    One stupid thing that I believed was that I thought the world - in real life - didn't exist in colour until colour televisions were invented. I thought everything was black, white or in the grey in between. >_<

    Looking back, it's really quite a funny thought. As a generation growing up with colour TV already there, not to mention being so impressionable, it seemed only obvious that colour was not "invented" until colour TV.

    So what are some crazy, stupid or otherwise funny things you used to think when you were a kid?

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    Kinda related to yours, I thought that in order to be on TV where I lived you had to live far away (because all the shows i watched took place in far away cities) and that if you wanted to be on TV in those far away places, you had to be here.

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    When I was little, for some reason I thought that "getting your period" was when you developed pubic hair. Also, my grandmother used to tell me when she thought I was lying that "God doesn't love people who tell lies," and even though I was fairly sure that wasn't true, I thought I'd better tell the truth anyway just in case.

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    Okay, I came up with a few....

    - I thought people were still going to the moon every time there was a shuttle launch.... because I thought there was a colony, research base, or something like that there.
    - I thought heck, crap, and dang were bad words.
    - I guess I kinda thought I'd never get older. I couldn't imagine myself as an adult. I tried a few times though. (very few things have turned out as I imagined)
    - I thought girls peed from their butts. (wtf)

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    Oh. Every time I watched a movie, I thought the actors were in the TV putting on the show just for me, every time. And I wondered how they did that for everyone else watching the movie at the same time. x3

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    -I thought babies came from your belly-button when they were born.

    -I thought that kittens, and puppies and other household pets came from a mothers womb, a human mother, lol.

    -I thought if you took a plane, you had to jump out, I didn't know planes landed and that you had to take a parachute and jump when you got on top of where you wanted to go.

    -I thought if you kissed a frog, it would turn out to be a prince.

    -I thought that when you grew up your teachers decided what you were going to be, and you had to be that for the rest of your life.

    -I thought flowers had lives too, same with trees, grass etc... and that they could feel and talked to each other when we weren't listening, I used to cry when my mom cut the grass.

    -I wouldn't cut my hair because I was afraid it would hurt, like the same it would if I cut my finger off.

    -I thought Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and other cartoon characters were real people.

    -I thought the tv was actually talking to you, and got really upset when things like Barney would say "Oh hi Billy, I see you Cindy, Hey there Jessica" and they never said hi to me.

    -I thought when you got your period you had it forever, and that it never went away. Like, you got it every day, lol, didn't know it was a monthly thing.

    -I thought you would drown and get eaten by seaweed if you went into anything but a pool or bathtub.

    -I thought when I made a face and I was told "IF you make that face it will get stuck that way" that it would really get stuck, so I tried for hours to keep my face the same.

    -I thought that when my grama said "I'm falling apart" that she meant it literally. I had nightmares about waking up, and finding her leg in one place, arm in another, her torso in the chair, fingers in the fridge, etc....

    -I thought chicken fingers were the chickens actual fingers.

    -I thought that if a girl had boobs that meant they were fat.

    -I thought that boys had to stand on top of the toilet to pee since they stood up, I didn't understand how they could stand in front of it. (I tried, and the only way to get it in the toilet was to stand on top, so I thought boys had to do the same, lmao!)

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    That hurt.

    You just hate the stereotypical, Christian God, Which I doubt is the way he is.

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