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Thread: Bad diaper experiences

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    Default Bad diaper experiences

    Let's get some of the old popular diaper topics back, so we'll start with this one.

    Have you had any bad experiences with your diapers? Has one of them leaked on you while you were in public? Did one explode and send absorbent material all over your bed in the middle of the night? Has someone discovered that you wear a diaper?
    Tell us about it right here


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    God, i was trying to put two baby onces together, then put it on. My mum walked in :|

    Also, as Peachy would know from MSN :p

    I was wearing my Drynite, put a load of water in it to make it more padded and thick (had no wee left :p) Then i just put loads in, it wripped and all the stuff inside went on the floor. It is so sticky and hard to clean

    I got a phone call from mym mum, saying she will be home in 5 minutes please put the hot water on lol. I had 5 minutes to clean the whole bathroom !!! and get rid of the evidence lol.

    I also brought some briefs, but they were actually for women with bad periods how embarissing when i was buying them lol...

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    I had a baby diaper explode!
    I stuffed one into a drynite, my theory was that when the baby diaper was full it would simply leak into the drynite. That didn't exactly work out!

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    The only actualy bad expeirance I have had, that I can think of at the moment is when I wet my diaper, a classic 10 attends, and then I laid down on my stomach in bed for like 5-10 minutes. When I got up I noticed TWO wet spots under neath when the diaper was resting on he bed that were both almost the size of a basketball. O_O So I had to change all my sheets, made me pretty angry, so yea I was not too pleased with attends absorbancy.

    Awww, come on peachy your not gonna tell us any bad expeirances you have had?
    I like you frozen peach haha, I am frozen right now, its 22 degress F here and its just after lunch time! 0_o
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blues Disciple View Post
    Four words: laxative experiment gone wrong.

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    It was just a bad idea that ended in a very full Depend, a stained rug in the bathroom, and a very awkward moment with my mom.

    "I washed the rug but I don't ever want to see that again."

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    I can some up a bad diaper experience in one word....DEPENDS, they suck

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    in the woods i was wearing and hunting, when my beer enema caused a goodnite to pop in the corner. that was a good day to be in the woods

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