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    So I got me a Blackberry Strom last night. It gave me something to do. I have t-mobile so I had to fight Verizion for the unlock codes which took forever. After that I had to find t-mobile service books and install them to the blackberry, but I completly jacked up the phone. I had to reinstall the whole RIM os on the phone then start with the sevice book again.

    It took alot of work to get this phone working on t-mobile but I think it was well worth the time. Now all I have left to do is put a Blackberry data plan.

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    congrats, cause verizon is known for NOT unlocking the SIM module on their devices if the device is not on an active line of service with Verizon for several months.

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    The fought me about it for over an hour. But i won.

    To much of my surprise T-Mobile has a whole department for tech supprot with non-branded t-mobile phones. Most cell phone company's tell you your on your own when it computer to a un-branded phone.

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