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Thread: Black Friday

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    Default Black Friday

    With Thanksgiving over now... Black Friday will be here in a few hours!

    Who all is going out and what are your eyes set on?

    Myself, I am hitting Half Price Books for their 7 to 10am 20% off sale. :3

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    Dear God no. I'm staying home, because nothing is really that good of a deal, I don't want to get up earlier than I ever have before, and I don't want to be trampled to death.

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    Probably a local mall and Best Buy. Little Big Planet looks too good to be true!

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    I don't know. My son and I were going out on the bike trail, but it looks like the weather is going to be cold, and possibly wet. There's always the stores!

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    Well my manager is opening up the store at midnight, so I'm working 11 pm to 11 am; I suppose I might try and find something to buy after I get off work, but I'm not sure.

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    I used to work at Best Buy, and on Black Friday, it was practically a company holiday. Everyone was required to work on Black Friday, my shift started at midnight Thanksgiving, and we worked 12 hours till Noon. By the time we showed up, there were already dozens of people waiting outside. By the time we opened our doors at 5:30, there were probably 700 people at the door. I kid you not, one lady actually went into labor while waiting to get in.
    Within three minutes of opening the door, the store was packed with people shoulder to shoulder, and there was still a line to get in. the crowd didnt subside all day.
    the sad thing was that the sales these locust were waiting 6 hours for in the snow... were good for all day.

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    I plan on doing anything BUT going shopping at an actual brick and mortar store, in fact I plan on spending at least a few minutes watching the news and shaking my head in disbelief at the number of people willing to get up at like 2 am, wait outside for hours in the proverbial, yet this year quite true cold November rain all for what???? SHOPPING!!!!

    I just don't get it, watching the people go nuts, the flailing shopping carts, the frenzy, for what, 20% off a tickle me elmo? No, not for me. I can tell you that if it's not raining, I plan on getting in what will be my last round of golf for the year.

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    Lets just hope no Wal-Mart employees get killed this time around...

    I am buying computer parts on Newegg to replace my "fuckedtohell" imac... Then I'm gonna build it, then its gonna be sick (but not literally! please! not literally....)

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    I'm going to paint the devil on the wall and see if anyone gets this reference..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thallis View Post
    I'm going to paint the devil on the wall and see if anyone gets this reference..
    megadeth my fav song by them

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