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    Default Erection Control?

    Hi Guys,

    Im just wondering if anyone here has used any sort of male chastity device for erection control. Reason why im asking is that i am known to play with myself quiet alot according to my partner and we all know that babies dont get erections. I really just wanting to know if anyone uses these devices while padded and/or for long periods of time (several days/weeks).

    Thanks =>

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    A simple one way to do it is before the first diaper is to "relieve yourself" to get rid of the starting temptation and then after that have your partner punish you as a child would when getting their hands into things they shouldn't be in.

    Maybe even those puffy gloves so you have no way to use your fingers and/or hands until your parent removes them.

    Have not had a chastity device come up much to prevent erections, but I guess the main part to worry about is comfort level of the wearer and keeping it clean.

    If things start to hurt then it would be time to remove it.

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    If you want an actual chastity device, they aren't going to be too cheap. If you're interested in one, look up the CB 2000 or similar products. I can't say anything about them based on experience, just on what I've seen/heard.

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    To be honest i was looking at the CB-6000, looks like a nice unit. Just have to see what is under the christmas tree i spose

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_Fox View Post
    To be honest i was looking at the CB-6000, looks like a nice unit. Just have to see what is under the christmas tree i spose
    If you do get one, let me know how it is

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    Default Many options, nothing perfect.

    Paul_Fox, you are asking a lot out of a chastity device. The closer you get to meeting all of your requirements, the higher the cost will be due to the custom fitting and exotic materials. I have not personnally tried a chastity device, but have done some research into them.

    The cheap plastic ones are least secure and do not conform to the body very well. Getting a diaper to cover it may be problematic. With some PVC pipe fittings and pvc glue, you can make one yourself.

    The belt style ones conform to the body best and are more secure as far as removal is concerned. However, the flexible design does not isolate the member from sensations as well as the other two options. Leather can be used, but would not be appropriate under a diaper. Synthetic matterials are less likely to absorb smells, but will still do so. Anything braided will be difficult to thoroughly clean. This design is the easiest to make if you can find matterial for the front cover.

    The best option is the neoprene lined stainless steel ones. These may be ordered to your measurements or custom fitted by the craftsman making it. One drawback to these is the lack of size adjustments. Large weight changes will require it to be refitted. The benefit to this design is the snug fit and belt that holds it in place. The matterials are largely unaffected by bodily waiste and provisions are made for excretion. The rear portion may be two chains, a solid shield, or a plate with an appropriate hole. These are the most comfortable and discrete option. Unfortunately the price tag is very expensive. I would like to make one of these.

    Good luck finding what works best for you.

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    And, just so you know the truth, babies DO get erections, though they don't have the sexual thoughts that drive what older boys (men) do with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    If you do get one, let me know how it is
    I think Pojo wants one too because he has a little problem with giving milk at inappropriate times

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_Fox View Post
    Reason why im asking is that i am known to play with myself quiet alot according to my partner and we all know that babies dont get erections.
    Aside from the plastic or metal devices, your best chastity device is your partner. If you're playing with yourself too much he needs to play with you more often.


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    Lemme clarify something here: Babies do get erections. I had a baby brother, so I would know. These erections are not usually sexual, however, and are usually the cause of a full bladder or something of the sort.

    Now as for the erection control: Yes, masturbate before you get padded. It'll help you not get erected as easily. Oh, and just be quite innocent when padded if possible. Of course, if you're like me, and even the most innocent thing makes you happy in the pants, then go with Jeremiah's suggestion and get the best chastity belt you can get. (It'll be expensive, but worth it if you really want it.)

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    I guess I should make a post here. I'll admit, I have used them before, however the common misconception is that they prevent erections. This isn't really true, it is possible to attempt to get hard though in most cases it's impossible to masturbate and have sex. That being said, most people start out with something like the cb-3000 or something, I have one of these and it's really a toy, nothing more. Yes, it can be worn for long periods of time, but security of them is lacking. If you want something good that's really going to work, you'll need a custom made steel belt, and I can say from experience that those are top notch, though they are pricey.

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