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Thread: is this true?

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    Default is this true?

    i heard that if you drink water every night and skip the before-bed bathroom break and just go to sleep with a full bladder,youll wet the bed and eventually if you keep it up youll be a bedwetter without having to do any of that true?

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    Ummm... no? Well, I guess if you were to do go to bed with a full bladder there's always the possibility, but your body has probably trained itself to wake up in time to prevent an accident. It would be hard enough to pull off once, let alone multiple times, and un-training yourself is as about as easy as forgetting how to ride a bike.

    I don't know why you'd want to do it anyways. Like yeah, you get the "using the diaper on accident" thing, but I used to wet the bed as a kid and I hated it. Glorifying any sort of incontinence for fun or stimulation or whatever else isn't right, and while these accidents may seem desirable, it actually kinda sucks to have no control over something like that.

    Thems just my thoughts though. There are a lot of other topics and thread like this one around the forum, I would suggest you check those out. They shouldn't be hard to find.

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    Depends on how prone you are to bedwetting. I usually wake up and my bladder just hurts like hell. I quite literally can't.

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    not true at all

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    No it dont work, I drink lots before i go to bed and i just wake up in the middle of the night with an upset stomach, needing to go to the toilet really bad , after whitch i cant get back to sleep. I agree with Slang that it would kinda suck to have no controll over your bladder, i would rather control my own bodily functions than let them control me, i was a bedwetter till 9 years old.

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    I'm pretty sure you can't. I've been a bed wetter since I was a kid, so I really can't say. Every time I go to bed with a full bladder, I wake up with a soaked diaper/pullup/bed... So, as I said, I can't say. Most people can't, though.

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    I've been in diapers for over 3 years and YES I wake up every morning soaked. I have had too use a plastic mattress cover and a large water proof pad to save my bed and sheets.

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    It depends on how large and strong your bladder is. I, for one, have a huge strong bladder, and no matter how much I drink at night, I have never wet the bed. Didn't even do it as a kid. If you have a small, weak bladder, you might. But I'm pretty sure your brain is wired to wake up if you need to take a leak.

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