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Thread: Just wanted to try this out...nothing serious

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    Default Just wanted to try this out...nothing serious

    Like the title says, this is just something I'm curious about...feel free to try it.

    Basically, I'm going to offer four descriptions of four people. Read through the four and choose which one of the four best suits you and choose it in the poll. I'll give an option for "none of these fit me", but I would like it if you only choose that one if you feel strongly that none of the four fit you at all.

    I'm aware that everyone is going to connect with all four to a degree and in some ways not connect to any of them. But like I said...choose the one out of the four that you think is most like you, unless you really just feel like none of the four sound like you at all.

    Also, after you choose it on the poll, if you'd like, I'd like to hear how well the one you chose fits you in a post. Feel free to say which one you chose or not, but either way I'd like to hear whether you think that one sounds like you a lot or hardly at all.

    Person # 1:

    This person is practical and likes sticking to standard ways of doing things. The traditions, customs, and laws of society are respected and honored, giving him/her a sense of safety, stability and belonging. Feeling useful/needed is important to him/her, and he/she seeks out duties and responsibilities. Being of service gives him/her satisfaction.

    At work, this person wants to be useful and has difficulty refusing to take on extra assignments. This person has a strong work ethic and believes that everyone can make something of themselves if they just work hard enough. This person relies on stated policies and standard operating procedures. His/her resistance to change can be reduced if he/she sees the rationale behind the change. In order to accept new ideas, he/she needs to see the practical applications and benefits. This person is usually good with facts and figures, is precise with data, and pays attention to details.

    This person generally doesn't like surprises, and this person has a tendency to make decisions too quickly without considering possible options.

    Person # 2

    This person enjoys life in the here and now. Freedom is highly valued, and he/she resists being restricted or controlled. This person is spontaneous and trusts his/her impulses to lead him/her in the right direction. This person just wants to live life and experience it; he/she doesn't need to understand it. This person is optimistic and trusts that he/she can handle anything that comes up.

    At work, this person is pragmatic and resourceful and wants to do things that deliver results. His/her observational strengths are focused on the specifics of the immediate present. This person likes to make work fun and wants his/her career to be exciting. He/she sees work not as a means to an end, but as an opportunity to experience more of what life has to offer.

    This person likes risk and challenge. and this person responds well to crises. He/she wants to take immediate action and dislikes wasting time talking about policies and procedures. He/she believes that rules and traditions are meant to be changed and adapted to the needs of the moment. Routine or overly structured work environments are draining. This person can also have trouble concentrating on what others want him/her to focus on.

    Person # 3

    This person values knowledge and competency. He/she prizes intelligence in him/herself and others, and feels compelled to constantly improve his/her base of knowledge. Problem solving and mastering new challenges are stimulating. He/she is often ingenious and insightful, adept at theorizing and conceptualizing, and strives to understand the world around him/her.

    This person values independence and autonomy and dislikes hierarchy and bureaucratic structure. He/she can be argumentative and opinionated when information from authorities contradicts what he/she believes. This person prefers a work environment that is based on objective and fair standards where achieving major goals and breakthroughs is part of the routine. This person is skeptical of public opinion.

    This person shares connections of the mind more than those of the heart. He/she likes relating through mental challenges such as interesting discussions or games of chess. This person enjoys intellectual exchanges and likes to argue and debate many sides of an issue. However, this person usually dislikes discussing personal issues and sentimentality other than with those he/she greatly trusts. If this person feels rejected, he/she usually keeps it to him/herself.

    Person # 4

    This person directs his/her insight toward understanding him/herself and others. This person values integrity and strive for genuineness and authenticity. This person has a vision of an ideal world and wants to work towards creating that vision here on earth. He/she can be seen as overly optimistic and genuinely strives for an ideal he/she believes is real. He/she enjoys work that allows him/her to use his/her creativity and individuality and is not content to just make a living. This person is sensitive to others' emotional needs and is skillful at bringing out the best in people.

    This person likes working in a friendly, conflict-free environment where person and professional growth and development are encouraged. He/she can be self-righteous about his/her values and takes offense if others don't accept his/her ideas. Working with people who don't encourage, appreciate or affirm him/her can be difficult. This person has a strong desire for harmony and is good at conflict resolution.

    This person seeks self-actualization and meaning in his/her life and is interested in understanding and expression his/her feelings. This person can become self absorbed in his/her search for identity , tending to take everything personally. He/she is easily hurt by criticism.
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    I'll go with person #2. Sounds exactly like me without the violence.

    EDIT: Meh, now that I think about it, I'm a 2 with some 4 mixed in there. Depends on how pup-like I feel that day.
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    I use to be person 4, but have changed sense then. Now I'm person 1 and I'm striving to be more like person 2.

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    Person number 3!

    I starting typing a response that would look at each thing, saying if it fit or not, but all of number three is correct for me.

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    Note: I just went back and made a few small edits to each one of the groups, just because after reading them again I felt that maybe I had written it to where some of the four might sound more appealing than others. I think they're a little more balanced now, which is what I want...I'm not looking to make a point that any one of the four is better/worse than any of the others.

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    person number 2 I hate being controlled and i like to make work fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    Aww damn, you made mine more negative.
    It still fits though.
    I don't necessarily think what I added was more negative...just an aspect of it that I had previously ignored.

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    I totally fit into person 1. I think people would probaby put me into a different slot though. Maybe 2 or 3.

    What's the purpose of this anyway??

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodnites2002 View Post
    I totally fit into person 1. I think people would probaby put me into a different slot though. Maybe 2 or 3.

    What's the purpose of this anyway??

    I wouldn't say there really is a "purpose" to it...I just wanted to see how people respond. I'm particularly interested in how many people will end up choosing option 5 (assuming they go by the guidelines I mentioned).

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