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    hey everyone my name is john and this is the first time ive ever signed up for anything . Im 19 years old and my my hobbies are listening to music, watching movies and hanging out with my friends, I am also an AB, i like to wear diapers , dress like a toddler , and suck my thumb/paci. when i was little i was potty trained at the age of 3 but wore diapers to bed for bedwetting right upto when i was 5 , Thats when my little bro was born and all the attention was on him, i felt quite sad yet angry and wanted more attention, but never got any, when i outgrew my diapers my parents took me to the doctor but couldnt find anything specifically wrong, after whitch my parents started using rubber sheets and woke me up in the night , no drinks before bed, bedwetting alarms but nothing worked. At age 9 i stopped by using tablets and forgot about bed wetting . As i grew older the feelings for attention grew stronger and often wished I could be a baby again, i had these feelings until age 11 when i got my own computer with internet and searched kids in diapers , lot of sites came up , i surfed through some until i came across a site with true stories i read some and realised i wasnt the only one, from then i realised i was known as a TB , i would steal diapers from relatives houses and wear them in secret , i also sucked my thumb and fantasized what would it like to be a baby again, now im 19 and an AB i now currently go to the shops and buy drynites.

    well thats my story, Hope i didnt type too much lol
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    no need to double post

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    Welcome to ADISC! What kind of music do you listen to? Any favorite movies?

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    thank you I like to listen to basshunter, eminem, my chemical romance and more.

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    Welcome to ADISC! yay for Eminem. What is the exact meaning for your username.

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    Hey! Welcome!

    Quote Originally Posted by tk7432 View Post
    ...What is the exact meaning for your username.
    What? are you serious or sarcastic?

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    Welcome fellow wastelander. It is I three dog...... Ok just kidding.

    Welcome to the forums

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