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Thread: Safe amount of time to stay in messy diapers

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    Default Safe amount of time to stay in messy diapers

    Wondering if there's general agreement about how long is too long to stay in a messy diaper... I've seen occasional comments that suggest you should change immediately (and in very messy cases shower of course), but I'm thinking maybe it depends on the consistency and on your particular skin sensitivity and such. I'm using powder and wipes, and hoping to get away with (i.e., not get diaper rash) at least a half hour of poppy diaper enjoyment on a regular basis. Is that asking for trouble?

    Thanks for all your advice! I apologize in advance if there's already a thread on this... didn't see it in the search though.

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    Some of it will depend on your general diaper use. If you wear diapers often esp wet ones your skin is already taking some abuse. If you only wear occasionally it is less likely to have an negative effect. I would say if your skin is in otherwise ok condition and you load up with powder and diaper rash cream sitting in it for 30 mins won't do much harm esp if you clean up thoroughly afterwords and give yourself some diaper free time.

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    It depends on your body with poppy diprs. I mean, I wouldn't wear them for more than several hours. If you start feeling unconfortable in it, then change it. Don't wear it for longer than you want (unless...You're into that thing or being forced to ).

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    I would say about 9 hours , but ive heard of people wearing messy nappys/diapers for up to two days, but that was because they were being forced to. And she probably got a nasty case of diaper rash afterwords. As long as you use a really liberal ammount of baby powder then you should be okay.I think

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    From experience, I found that 45min to an hour is tops. But i do try and find a washroom right away to change, like others said, its not good for your skin.

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    'Poppy' diaper?

    Ah pOOpy. . . .

    It depends on some factors, first is how resistant your skin is to irritation from the faeces. As the stool 'ages' outside of your body it gives off ammonia (amongst other things) and this can cause skin problems. In other words make sure your skin is healthy and that you don't have a pre-existing tendency for rashes. Second is how firm your stool is. Understandably, the less water in the faeces the less smelly, irritating and messy it will be. Firm stool also tends to 'migrate' less so you're less likely to leave a mess when you sit or sleep.

    Personally I've been in a dirty diaper for over 24 hours from the first bowel movement with no ill effects but your milage may vary.

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    Thanks for all the feedback! Yeah I did it twice today (though a small amount, not very messy), second time kept the diaper on for over an hour and so far so good. I don't want to overdo it though and get some nasty rash.

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    Part of the issue with the rash is moisture (from urine, sweat or poop) and part has to do with the acidity of the poop. Most is quite acidic and can lead to skin breakdown if exposed to the skin over a prolonged period. This is why we generally try to change people that are messy as soon as possible in the health care setting.

    One other thing to consider is that if you are a female, or an uncircumcised male (more prone to contamination getting into the urethra), the poop could lead to some pretty bad UTI's if it gets into the wrong places. Even circumcised males run some risk of this.
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