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Thread: King of the Hill AB referance

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    Default King of the Hill AB referance

    I have been watching a lot of KOTH on Cartoon Network, and I discovered something awesomely funny. Hank's Dad, Cotton was an Adult Baby.
    His wife, Didi was a nurse, and she would coo him, and take care of him like a baby. He routinely sat in high chairs and booster seats. If you watch episodes with him, there are lots of hints.
    It also explains his macho attitude, and why he was always bragging about killing fiddy men. Because he was keeping a front.
    They never mentioned if he wore diapers, nor if Didi changed him.

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    Well, as a big fan of King of the Hill, I'm going to have to disagree. As awesome as it would be, the reason Cotton would be sitting in highchairs or booster seats is because of his...condition in the legs. And he brags a lot because of being, well, a cranky old man, who is apparently disappointed in his son for not being 'as great as he was' or whatever.
    I don't know about the cooing or the taking care of by Didi, as I haven't seen those episodes you're referencing, but in the episodes I've seen him, there were no hints of ABism.

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    Hm, there was that one episode; the Y2K one where Hank scares the living bajesus outta everyone and then there is a scene where he passes out from the stain or something like that in the garage and there is a part where Bobby is "Look Dad, I'm back in diapers."

    But other than that, that's the only AB/TB thing I know of KOTH.....

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    While not strictly AB/DL, there is a diaper reference I remember from that show. Season 4, Episode 20: "Meet the propaniacs". In that episode, they have that troops called The Propaniacs where one of their sketches involves Joe Jack acting like a baby, with the diaper and everything. Then, they get to perform at a regional propane convention and after that show, it is revealed that the president of the association feels insulted by the show as he actually has to wear diapers, although because of incontinence.

    According to wiki, Joe Jack's quotation about it: "I need a new diaper. Baby did a bad, bad thing!"

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    In one of the 'cotton episodes' after he and Didi break up (I forget which one, it happened like once every season) she takes him back because she thought he looked like a baby. She then begins to coo him and calls him her baby.
    the propaniacs episode was hilarious. when Hank was trying to apologize, and tells the president he wears diapers too.

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    I still remember an episode when Bobby, Peggy, and Dale were raiding neighborhood pools on a hot day where Bobby said "If they made swim diapers for my size then I would be here forever."

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    Now that you mention those episodes, I seem to remember them. And I also remember just laughing my ass off at both of them, then feeling awkward when a friend asked what the hell I was laughing so hard at.

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    Oh wow, I forgot alllll those episodes. "The Propaniacs-anics, that's for sure. And we're dancing like we never danced before!"

    And the swim diaper episode was funny too, where Bill comes along and Peggy was flipping out about how she would beat the crap outta him if he blocked the sprinkler, LMAO.

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    OK, one more, not really a diaper reference, but on KOTH tonite, Hank threw a baseball game, and went to apologize to the other pitcher, and the guy made him apologize in baby talk. It was kinda funny...

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    Sorry to resurrect this but that episode came on last night on Adult Swim. It was the episode when Cotton steal's the fake leg of Santa Ana. When he gets arrested they put him in a mental hospital, and the only way for him to get out was to make up with Didi. As she walks into the ward, she see's him in a high chair and starts cooing him, and saying he looked like a baby. He immediately regressed and started cooing himself. She even tickled him under his chin. The crazy guy behind him looked at them strange, but Hank and Peggy didnt seem to think it was strange.

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