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Thread: Adult baby light up shoes

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    Question Adult baby light up shoes

    I'm so up set I have looked all over the web for light ups and I can't find them. Does anyone know where I can find lights ups in adult sizes? Thanks bunches.

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    I would think if you could find childrens' light up shoes, you might be able to do a transplant into adult size shoes, unless of course they're molded in. Even then it might be possible.

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    Oh I sooooooooooo want these. I have actually been thinking about this since June when one of my non-*b/dl friends mentioned they wanted to find some lightup shoes just because they are so epic.

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    God, I haven't seen light up shoes in years!

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    Those look really great. And only 17 days left before they're on

    There were some Nike light-ups available on ebay a couple years ago, but they were more club kid than baby style, and the lights would just keep on going like a disco once they were activated...maybe too distracting.

    I did go to the trouble of doing major surgery on some little boys Thomas the Tank engine light-ups and implanting the heel and side lights and the vinyl into a pair of men's velcro sneakers. Took a day or two of fussing around, and the glue was an issue, but they were very cool. Fun to wear out at night!

    Thanks for the update.

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    Lol, awesome.

    I'm pretty sure the light-up shoes I had when I was a kid were LA Gear. Loved 'em right up until I went hiking in the woods and ended up wading through ankle-deep mud... shorted the shoes out, needless to say.

    Is anyone else noticing a revival of styles from the 80's/early 90's?

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    Havent found any websites that sells them , but i could just imagine a pair o winnie the pooh light up shoes , it would be so cool

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