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Thread: H1n1 vaccine

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    Default H1n1 vaccine

    Who got it? Anyone scared of the virus?
    Who is taking advantage of being in the 1 to 24 age group?

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    To tell the truth, I'm not gonna get it. People are making it out to be more than it is. It's just a previously unknown strain of flu, no different. if you dont normally get seasonal flu shots, there's really no sense of getting this one.

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    Im not getting it at all, its just not worth it. Its not 100% effective and vaccines themselves actually have the virus in them itself. They are also only got at very public places which H1N! will most likely be present all of the time, with people thinking getting it will help them get over it. Another possibility is that one of their family members has it and they are a non-infect carrier.

    The safest thing to do is act normal. Wash your hands often, cover your mouth and avoid contact with people who are sick.

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    I don't fit in the age group, but I have never got a flu shot in my life, yes I have been sick over the many years but I can't recall except for one time being very sick when I was about 18.

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    Yeah, I'm not buying into the fear. I get that a bunch of people are getting sick, but people are always sick. How many people died of AIDS last week? Everybody's getting worked up over the swine flu because the media's pushing it like it's the black plague. Life's too short too worry about something like this. There's probably room for some witty rebuttle between that lsat sentence and this one. Whatever. I've heard theories where it's being pushed as a super disease because the media wants to keep the attention off of that whole ecenomic problem, or because they want to make more money off of their drugs... and while I'm no conspiracy nut, I'm sure someone's making a bunch of cash over this. H1N1 isn't worth all the worrying, and our society is so caught up in killing everthing with meds that we're the diseases are adapting and getting worse (it was on House last week... that means its true).

    If I ever have kids, I'm going to make them eat dirt so their body actually knows how to fight a flu, rather than doping them up on benedryl so that by the time they're 60 they can't even get a cold without being hospitalized. Yeah, how's that for a rant?

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    I think I had a flu of some sort...i was sick for a good 2 weeks

    fever (which turned into low body temp)
    cloged ear canal (eventually got to the point i would almost fall over from dizziness if i stood up)
    yucky caugh/cold
    body aches

    and now that I'm better all i want to do is eat and sleep :\

    oh and for the record, no shot for me
    and i dun want one either >.>

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    I have to get it because of the program I'm in at school. (Medical) I just haven't yet.

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    I only got it because my Dad really wanted me to get and I happened to already be at the doctors getting tested for the Swine after I had suddenly gotten sick. The vaccine made me sick for a week. It was stupid.

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