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Thread: Am I over-reacting...?

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    Unhappy Am I over-reacting...?

    I already asked a friend this but would like a wider opinion. So...I only just found out today that the operation I am soon to have on my ear is actually a 'total reconstruction of my inner ear.' The thought of this has terrified me and I keep thinking something will go wrong. Horribly wrong. Ive been told itll take over 2-3 hours. Am I terrified for no reason, or are operations like this dangerous at all? Im not sure what else to add so I'll just throw this out and answer any questions.
    Thanks for reading

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    We have the technology.


    It's an operation, there will always be a chance of something happening, though for this one I'd take a guess and say the chances are very low of anything going horribly wrong. Your doctors are professionals, they know what they're doing and are doing what was deemed best for you.

    Let them do their job, you'll be fine.

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    Medical technology has become pretty damned advanced, so there's a minimal risk of accidents. Remember: these people are trained to do those operations. You're right, there is the very small chance that an accident could happen, but I think we all would have pre-surgery anxiety. It's perfectly normal that you would be worrying about things that could go wrong.

    In other words: It's okay to worry, but know that there's only a very very small chance that something could go wrong.

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    Questions to ask yourself

    1. Does it need to get done?
    2. Will worrying improve or otherwise change the outcome?

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    I think it's natural for most people to worry, even if there's not a good reason to. I think it's like Maxx long as you feel you need to get it done, try not to worry about it (but don't feel guilty if you do...because I think it's natural for most people to).

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    Due to the advances of medical technology these days, I wouldn't be worried but looking at stats about your specific reconstructive surgery wouldn't hurt either. Stress though can cause a lot of worryful decision making

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    i wouldn't worry if i were you, i have had like 5 open heart surgeries, and like i have told a couple of friends "surgeries and stuff are no big deal, doctors do them all the time"

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    Thanks for your help everyone, it has helped me feel a lot less worried about it all

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