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Thread: japanese trend??

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    Default japanese trend??

    how about the japanese fair, a year ago the japanese fair which had adults dressed in skinny black lycro proclaiming - Wearing a nappy could be more socially more acceptable. i'm very sure that i'm not a novice and most of you will have no doubt seen pictures of this jap. fair i'm referencing.
    Only i bought a pack of abri form medium and it cost 14:75 !!! that ain't cheap for a pack of 26 .. i'm trying to get a topic going , prob not a good place 2 start

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    The fair I think you're talking about it aimed towards their increasingly elderly population. It's not intended for people like us, but more to those who need diapers, and want more discreet and ones that are easier to manage for those with limited mobility.

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    Strange things are accepted in Japan, but like everywhere, a lot is hidden. It's okay for girls to dress childish, even to some extreme.. But you can't really be outside in a diaper, wearing a onesie, etc. And that whole diaper thing was to show a line of products.

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    I don't understand why this is at Greetings-Introductions? (Pressing ERROR button!!!)

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    You should really have put this under the "Adult Baby" or "Teen Baby" section, funky...
    Not chewing you out or anything, but you should try and remember to, next time, make sure you put it under the proper board.
    When you look on the main page, there is a list of boards, each board has a description on what should belong there, which should help you figure out what goes where

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