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    Hi everyone,

    i used to be here before, but somehow I forgot to come back and was mainly active on the german diaper sites. Today I was googleing and found, almost by accident, this site again. I tried my login and it still worked. ... very nice.

    So, I thought, it might be nice to be part of some international community again. So, let me introduce a little.

    I am Linus, 31 yo, living in Hamburg, Germany, a really beatiful city not far away from the sea with a lot of nordic charm and character. I would consider myself as an AB, like my footed PJs (from Jumpin Jammerz, they are just fabolous) and my stuffed toys.

    I hope to find some nice people here, to also get an idea whats going on in the diaper community internationally.
    In Germany I know quite a lot of people. We do regular meetings with other AB/DL in Hamburg or in Berlin and also do weekend-long events with people from all over Germany.

    If you like to get know me a bit better, then just drop me a line.
    And if you are visiting Germany, get in touch. Maybe we can meetup somehow.


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    Willkommen Linus.

    We have a few German speakers on including Dr. Peachy one of the mods. I'm trying to learn German myself. You'll enjoy it here, lots of good advice if needed and a cool place to hang out. Hope to see you on the forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Takashi View Post
    We have a few German speakers on including Dr. Peachy one of the mods.
    Indeed we have. And Linus beat Dr. Peachy at foosball (table soccer) three weeks ago at the "weekend-long event"

    Despite that little "mishap"...welcome (back) to ADISC!


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    Hiya and greetings from another German on here, Linus

    Be sure to drop by in the chat sometime. We have blackjack.. and cookies

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    Welcome back, matey. Hope you stick around and enjoy it.

    I stayed in Hamburg for a few days during the World Cup. We were in a hostel with a fantastic view of the docks and everyone was really welcoming and friendly, although apparently very proud of having 'the biggest red-light district in Europe', which was quite funny.

    My abiding memory of the place was spending an excellent night in a little Spanish bar near our hostel which developed into a musical cultural exchange with some Spaniards who were playing flamenco music on their guitar, which we borrowed to play Radiohead covers and such. The bar also gave us several free drinks, which was just splendid of them. Anyhoo, lovely city. I'd like to go back sometime.

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    Ah - not only does your login work but your ability to fit in... which you are still well up to. Yay @ having you back... You'll be amazed at considering how much changes here so quickly, that it's so much the same...

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