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Thread: What job are you aiming for?

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    Default What job are you aiming for?

    Hi Guys,

    Well, tonight i was doing some thinking about where i want to be in the next 10-20 years. Me personally im aiming to become a data center architect.

    How about the rest of ya?

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    That's a tricky question.

    First I would need to get ride of most of my headaches and get back into eduction. From there i would want to try and get a job with something to do with web development.

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    I have been thinking more towards a Medical Records Technician.

    It has been said that technology jobs are the future, but ahead of tech is health care with everyone always aging.

    Currently on a Computer Science and Business Management degree but going to shift to Medical Technician in the spring since it is almost the same classes required for Associates but for five.

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    I'm going to be a middle school math/science teacher. Some people think I'm crazy, but I work with kids in the middle school level in boy scouts and I love math, so together it shouldn't be that bad... Right?

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    I used to think I was heading towards becoming a librarian or some kind of academic, but that seems to have fallen through in a way.

    I currently work with animals and might end up doing vetrinary nursing or something.

    Of course, at heart, I really want to be a poet/writer.

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    Possibly a trade, thinking about aiming for building site manager, or to own my own construction/plumbing business

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    Well, I don't entirely know... I want a job in something to do with entertainment media however. Some job where I can make people happy, sad, angry... force them to tears or make them fall in love... etc etc

    I'd been considering for almost 10 years now a job in games design or something similar but I don't really think that is for me.

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    Something in the Police, MoD etc.

    Anything where I can solve problems and use good judgement, whilst doing something satisfying.

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