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Thread: Mommies, asceticism, etc.

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    Default Mommies, asceticism, etc.

    Sometimes I feel like I think about *BDLism in a different way from other *BDL's. Of course, since I don't have THAT much contact with other *BDL's, maybe I'm just imagining things. Whatever the matter, there's no way of knowing until I voice my thoughts. Really, I want to know how many others feel the way I do. There are really two things in particular that are coming to mind: mommies and asceticism.

    1) "Mommies"
    I don't really want a mommy, daddy, etc. On the contrary, I'm kind of turned off by the idea of having someone take care of me like that. I really don't want anyone to change me or pamper me. Something about it just feels wrong to me. It's a private part of my life, and I'd like it to more or less stay that way. Regarding my girlfriend, I'd be delighted if she ever wanted to get involved, e.g. trying on a diaper. But I'm more concerned with being comfortable enough to be in diapers around her, and far less so with having her actually engage me in that manner.

    2) Asceticism
    For me, diapers hold a nearly ascetic quality about them, insofar as when I wear a diaper, there is a feeling of self-subjugation. Part of what makes them so appealing is taking on the burden of having to tend to myself in such an intimate way. Helplessness here is manifest in the inability to control myself, in the need for protection, as if I were a child. Thus, I have noticed that rather than growing tired of diapers when I wear for days on end, the satisfaction grows as the initial thrill and pleasure of being diapered wears off and it becomes an increasingly laborious task to maintain myself.

    I see the two as being closely linked in the idea of the adult child. That is, not an adult who behaves as a child, but one who is an adult and yet is also a child. There are all the virtues of adulthood present: self-control, discipline, and autonomy, qualities of the adult as a rational subject. Yet, there is also vulnerability, physical incapacity, and ultimately a profound humility that is reflective of the child on a physical, objective level. The unity of the adult subject within the childish object is what I seek.
    This is why I come to value the diaper the most when it ceases to be an object of desire, becoming instead a responsibility, a thing forced upon me rather than something I actively take on for the mere gratification of desire. And this is also why the idea of the mommy disturbs me a little, because the idea of someone violating my autonomy is anathema to my dignity as an adult, and, perhaps more so, because it is a violation of her dignity to subject her to what to most is such a foul deed -- changing an adult's diaper.

    It's very late, and I've just finished an agonizing paper on 19th century philosophy. I'm getting a little delirious from lack of sleep... and from communism... if you've gotten this far, thanks for reading

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    This is interesting. Unfortunately, I'm a bit short for time. In short, I don't think the variation is as uncommon as you might think, even if perhaps your particular take isn't all that common. The labels we use (AB/DL, etc.) are not precise, but just general categories that indicate best overall matches.

    At the very least, I agree with you in not seeing much interest in a caregiver, aside from just curiosity to see what it would be like. I have a hard time seeing the angle at which I wish to involve anyone else in it at all, really, although another part of my head believes that it would be valuable for me to find that appropriate angle.

    The second category is a less complete match, but I can see where you're coming from. I definitely do tire from anything long-term. I don't find diapers to be particularly comfortable in all aspects of my life, and I'm enough of a hedonist that the experience wears thin after a couple days on the extreme far end. Generally, twenty-four hours is about my enjoyable limit, which is already engaging conflicting desires, since the very direct physical enjoyment is generally limited to no more than a couple hours. I wouldn't care to have to write the equation or computer program that describes it.

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    Default Thats good philosophy bro

    Well said, and very thought provoking. I find diapers somewhat of a 'cross' to bear. After the deed is done I typically go through purge cycles. As such, this is often when I get most of my own school work done. I have found that diapers also force one into isolation.. another ascetic practice.

    Also, you are right on when you mention that the diaper allows us a glimpse of childhood innocence while at the same time it keeps our adult personality and rationality intact. But I must ask... why? Did the libido get 'stuck' or transfered to an object? Perhaps I should look more to Jung and recognize it as an archetypal power... which it most certainly is. But the goal of psychological individuation is to become free of the complexes and their iron grip over us. Perhaps there is a way to go tantra with the diapers and use them to channel sexual energy? Any ideas?

    I can understand your issue with a mommy. While I think it holds true for most of us that we want our significant other to participate, thats not always the case. I feel down and somewhat ashamed at the end of a purge cycle, I dont want to bring my gf with me. On the other hand, it is important that I tell her eventually, as I feel somewhat dishonest now.

    Anyway, I hope to hear more of your thought provoking ideas. As a fellow philosophy student I wish you good luck on all your finals.

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