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    Hi I am Tris. I made this account a while back and just now got around to posting something with school not being so hectic.

    I am around the Dallas area in Texas and have been into the scene for almost six years now though I am quite a lurker/the quiet until I feel I need to speak up type of person I get into "moods" where I just don't seem to shut up.

    A friend showed me this site back when I first made the account and just refound it when sorting through my bookmarks. It is now in its correct folder for Forums so I should not lose it again

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    Ohh...I remember you...faintly (had to look through your messenger names to get confirmation)! New name, but same person (hopefully).

    Welcome back!


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    Yup the same Nekomikey from TBDL.

    Went through the identity change it that to trisity/tristan to tris/triskitty.

    Am happy with Tris though, I can use *any* of the other names this way :p

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    Welcome! Do you have any hobbies? favorite music, food, TV-shows?

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    For Hobbies I read quite a bit of science fiction books, right now reading the Myst book.
    For video gaming I do the Xbox 360 ill play the GTA, Halo, Gears of War, and Burnout series for the most part.
    For PC games I play Dungeon Keeper 2, Oblivion, and World of Goo offline.
    World of Warcraft, Second Life, and most Steam games for online

    I listen to a little of everything for music and mostly streams and podcasts lately since my music has slowly started to bore me.

    I don't have a favorite food nor TV show, just whatever is in the house or on TV at the time when the internet has nothing going on.

    Lalala for early morning ramblings c.c

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    haha wow, your hobbies are really seem to also have that nice personality that not many ppl have

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    Welcome to ADISC! I have never seen you here before and I welcome you to this site personally as a Washington Redskins fan.

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    Welcome back! Very cute avatar pic

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