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Thread: Rammstein...?

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    Default Rammstein...?

    I'm listening to my iTunes library (I think at least 90% is DRM free by the way, yay) and shuffle is like "U haz rammstain, hallo!" ...and the funny thing is I don't really like Rammstein anymore, but I don't want to get rid of it because I might like it later.

    This also happens with novelty songs like Jizz In My Pants and Caramelldansen (although I still love to death every !*$& song on Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy).

    Has this happened to anyone else? If so, what'd you do about it?

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    I pretty much never get rid of music I start to not like. Just songs that I downloaded out of whim of having it for the hell of it. There are some songs that I may pretty much never listen to again, but I know that if I do delete it, that'll probably be when I want to listen to it again D:

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    I don't get rid of any music anymore. If I paid for a song, I don't delete it because if I do delete it and want it in the future, I will have to pay for it again with some services. If I ever tire of any songs, I just put them on external hard drives just in case I ever want the songs again. I also back-up all of my CDs on these hard drives before I sell any of them.

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    It doesn't really get to the point that I think "I don't like this anymore". Though sometimes I do go a while without listening to stuff, only to suddenly feel like listening to it again one day.

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    I never get rid of any of my music. I might grow bored of some songs, but it's still nice to have them randomly come up in shuffle.

    Losing all your music to a computer crash is a pain in the ass though.. I used to have around 33,000 songs. x.x

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    Sometimes I will play the same song all day long and then forget about it for a bit. But I never delete my music. I like to collect all the music I can. Even if I never listen to it or I don't like it.

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    The shuffle in Itunes is based on how many times the song was played and if the library hasn't been reset since you were playing them a lot, it will pick up on this and be like: "I'm gonna play the Rammstein nows!"

    Just reset your play counts and it should actually shuffle again, but if you play a lot of hard rock/metal, it will most likely just start playing Rammstein again =s

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    The exact same thing happened to me, with Rammstein! I had almost all of their songs, albums, b-sides and videos. But I just got tired and deleted it all. A friend sort of got me back into them again, but I don't regret deleting everything. It helped me listen to more music and get a diverse collection.

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    This thread has a disturbing lack of actual German dance-metal for me to listen to. Also, musical growth is super cool. It's crazy to see how much popular music can change in our society over short periods of time, and how people's tastes can develop. Like how glam rock became grunge became rap metal, that was cool. All music has to move forward and become originall if it wants to survive, and since music changes so much I think it's totally natural that our personal tastes change as well. I was super into rap 5 or six years ago, but now I can't listen to it all (cause really, metal is just ridiculously better). But every once in a while I'll go back and listen to some and I still know all the words and such, and it's cool. And going back through all the music I have, it's sweet to come across a few songs I haven't heard in ages but I still enjoy. There's so much variety and evolution in music, and things change, but going back can be a gnarly experience.

    Also, it's probably good that you only have older Rammstein, cause their new CD sucks. That's what I was going to say originally, until I found out this thread wasn't really about the band. Whatever.

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    I've only got Mutter, which my son left behind when he moved out. Never noticed Rammstein until the movie "XXX" came out. Then I ripped the cd and put "Feuer Frei" on my playlists.

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