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Thread: Bambino's modified manufacturing

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    Default Bambino's modified manufacturing

    Has anyone been as disappointed as I was by Bambin's change in their diapers this summer?

    When I bought two cases of biancos I found they had used a new manufacturing technique and they came out textured - and annoyingly stiffer. My biancos from six months earlier were soft and smooth, but these new things were quilted and stiff. Kind of ticked me off. I like the smooth, soft feel of the old ones and of some other brands.

    The absorbency is still great, and the tapes were an improvement.

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    OOOh yay a useful critique of Bambinos... Did you copy this post over to them? Did they respond?

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    Yup. Seemed to think I imagined the whole thing. Said some BS about how they were packed and shipped. I didn't pursue it, but might if more of us here agree.

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    Yeah, they are definitely different. I'm not sure if they are "worse" then they were, just different in my opinion.

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    i kinda like these new ones. The texture of the plastic is much more babyish. As for it being stiffer, i haven't really noticed it too much but they perform well and that's the big part.

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    I also like the new ones over the old ones, they're definitely softer on the inside, and I like how they changed the waistband part from blue to white, so the Bianco is pure white. I also haven't really noticed any more stiffness than usual.

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    Even if I have never tried the old version, I found Bambino to be great diapers!

    I have also notice, with other people, that the tapezone pattern has changed.

    The old one:
    Old Bambino tapezone

    The new one:
    New Bambino tapezone

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    I agree with the OP, I do not like the new ones near as much as the old ones. I miss the smooth, crinklier plastic, and thicker diaper. I agree that these ones are stiffer, too, which I don't like. MAYBE, the tapes are better, but that is about it. I am seriously contemplating whether or not to fork out the $ for new ones, as I am almost out...

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