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Thread: Well I guess I am Bi... Am I?

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    Talking Well I guess I am Bi... Am I?

    Early on my travels through ADISC, I have been very helpful to those who have issues with their sexual orientation. Now its your turn to do the same for me.

    Early on in my childhood, I would be the kid in the class that was called a faggot due to certain actions that they do or perform in elementary school that brings attention. Back in 01, my Aspergers' was in full bloom and I used to chase girls a lot to get the popular one, in my old belief of being a popular white kid. However, my playful self would sometimes unknowingly chase boys and that would bring 5 years of pain and suffering throughout middle school. After middle school, I can say that my popularity has increased but I keep most of my links with my homies from the middle class and those who have stayed faithful to me. Up until 12th grade I believed that I was 100% straight. I had a 2 week relationship with a black girl who was all but faithful to me. (Now she has already had 2 kids and she is a year younger than me btw) In combination with my diaper fetish, I have been a person who many can describe as asexual. However for the past couple of months, my sexual dreams involving men have increased in prevalence. In addition to being attracted to gay porn, I have further seen that I cannot describe myself as straight for this. This has been my major internal conflict with me over the past two months as I cannot spot myself correctly into the sexual orientation spectrum. I know that I can be attracted to women and I have had a sexual dream in which I gave one of my friends head. That is why I can't see myself as gay. I would have labeled myself as bi-curious until I have noticed that I have been looking at more and more men lately. Stereotypically, I would be the definition of a straight teenager, and many things in my mind have conflicted with this. Now that I am a high school senior and at my peak sexuality levels, the stress is getting harder and harder. Currently, how I see myself, I would say that I can be in a relationship with both sexes and be attracted to both sexes in physical and sexual aspects but am still inconclusive about possibilities and ratios, if they actually exist. So pretty much I have written a book to say that as of now: I am tk7432, a bisexual, and I would say damn proud of it. But who knows.

    I just ask for insightful information from a mature and diverse audience on how to take this from here. I am very appreciative of any help here and hope that I can find insightful and cohesive advice. Thanks.

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    I knew I was bi since I was 13, I have told very select few that I know would not care, I know I am bi, because I went out with a girl, and liked it, but I like to look at boys too. I like boys over girls, but I don't mind a vagina here and there. Honestly, I am straight acting and you would never know I am bi unless you herd it from me. As far as doing things with guys, I have done a few things with them, not as far as having sex with them. I mean like making out with them and stuff like that. I am very strong with my sexuality, and if someone bashed me about way I am, so be it. I am who I am and no1 is gonna change that.

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    Hurray for bisexuals!

    I have no advice unfortunately... I just think that being bi is probably the harder the three (straight, gay, bi). It's annoying to have people think you might want to sleep with them. That's bad enough when you're straight, and you want to have an honest friendship with a girl; it's worse when you're gay and want to have honest guy friends; and it's just insane when you're bi.

    Plus some woman are funny about bisexuality; about screwing a guy who's been with another guy.

    And then there's those people who believe that bisexuality isn't real, and we're just gays in denial.

    So those are the problems, unfortunately I have no solutions!

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    If you want to fuck guys you are gay if you want to fuck girls you are strait. If you like to fuck both you are bi. If you Like them just because of there personality and not the fucking part you are pan-sexual.

    Quit making it so frigging confusing.

    Personally I like to fuck I'm what they call a sex hound...But... I'm pan-sexual. Besides sex I rarely let people in close, unless I have feelings for them. Which can cause problems at time. It's hard for people to get close to me relation ship wise.

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    when i was in yr 6 i was in to girls but i often went to the loo with a freind and did stuff to each other(not as bad as you think) when i look back i see i was a little gay but i diden't know about all the sexual aspect of it so help y did i do that i no longer do this since i went in to yr 7 help y did i do it
    PS i am autistic has this got anything to do with it as for your question i have no clue

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    I'm what they call a sex hound...
    Same here. I can say that this is where I am at in my life now but I know that there is something else there.

    Quote Originally Posted by marksparktbdl View Post
    PS i am autistic has this got anything to do with it as for your question i have no clue
    Probably not. What I hate is when people blame Autism and Aspergers for their problems. I have Aspergers but I feel that I have eclipsed that and fully function as if I don't have it at all. So probably not.

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    Nobody can tell you your sexuality. It is not something you choose either. If you like dudes, you like dudes. If you like girls, you like girls. Though I don't know what it's like to be confused sexually, so I cannot really speak from experience, I imagine it being very difficult to not know what turns you on.

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    I know what turns me on, haha, I think if anyone has problems with bis, then w.e get over yourself. I have gay and straight friends. They are all cool with it. Like I said before to everyone who comes to me for any problem, if someone doesn't like you, then tell them bye. I have the greatest personality ever, but if you cross me, then you get to see my not so nice side. lol. People need to get a life and accept people for who they are, not what they are.

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    From your story its ovious your bi... Dont try complicate it in your mind as it just makes it harder for yourself.

    Just think of it as "when your straight there's plenty of fish in the sea... As bi there's twice as much" it works well for me ^^

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    I have made a median for myself with my sexual orientation but now it is the acceptance part of problem solving kicking in. I would just like to Thank those who have posted here with your two cents.

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