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Thread: My Advice to ADISC

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    Default My Advice to ADISC

    To all of us who complain about not having friends.

    Sometimes, this is the key.

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    I support this. People really need to just stop whining, and get off the computer and explore the "real world" (gasp!).

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    We should have done this earlier. It is true and insightful since there are too many topics about "My life sucks" and "I have no friends" and "I have no life". I deal with this every day with this kid at lunch that most of his conversations are about fuck my life. Sometimes I question if he will be alive the next day, talking why he doesn't date and his poor withdrawal with Vodka and Tylendol. It pisses me off and that is why I Thank You for putting this up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olivia View Post
    this is the key.
    Heh, I think I've suggested that to people a few times since I've been on ADISC.

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    How about those of us who simply enjoy our own company?

    I do like outside too, though. After the sun comes up I'll get the bike out for 50 or so. Have to take advantage of one of the last few decent days for awhile.

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