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    Default Hey all

    Just came to make an introduction, I'm a urophiliac who is highly into Diapers and Omorashi/pants wetting and a little bit of watersports.

    Currently a university student, hoping to some day be able to buy premium-brand diapers from the net. possibly using a store bought gift credit card. I'm 19, and live in canada

    I guess really that's all there is to know I love chatting so if anyone wants to add me to MSN it;s my username at; (if I'm not actually allowed to say this tell me/ remove it but I see no reason why not)

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    Hey, welcome to ADISC, glad to have you here. There's a lot of really nice and helpful people around here, so you've found a really nice group.

    What else can you tell us about you? <Besides the diaper stuff> Hobbies or interests?

    Also, it might not be to safe to include your email here. It's not really the safest or most secure spot. You should probably just throw it in your profile somewhere.

    Other then that, glad to have you here, see you around

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    Welcome to the forums, personally i wouldn't tell everyone my MSN in my first post!

    Perhaps get to know some people and give it out to those you talk to, rather than having a few random people adding you

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    I agree with not posting contact details; you never no what sort of creeps read the forums and will flood you with untoward spam, calling you names, espousing religion or selling Viagra. Probably better to have people pm you if they want to chat in private; then you can give out email aim etc. to people you know.

    That said, feel free to say what sort of things you like to chat about, and you'll get replies from all kinds of like-minded people.

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    I don't use that for email anyways only IM. I guess interests or hobbies would have to be Video Games, Programming, Algorithm Study (I'm very interested in this; I may choose to go deep into this and maybe some research if I make it to grad school), Oriental Languages, and I'm in Tae Kwon Do, and that's really about it.

    As for oriental languages I'm currently learning japanese at university; and I know a tiny bit of Mandarin chinese.

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