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    So this malware is on my computer and I can't get rid of it, I've scanned my computer with McAfee and Malwarebyte's anti-malware twice and even after deleting 60 problem items from my computer it's still there, has anyone else had this problem if so how did you get rid of this?

    I am at my wits end with this, thanks for your help.

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    Back up important data (onto a CD, email it to yourself, whatever), then reinstall Windows.

    Guide for XP: How to Reinstall Windows XP - PC World

    Guide for Vista/7 (scroll down to the clean install section): Installing and reinstalling Windows

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    Malwarebyte's has worked for me for stuff like that. I got one virus that actually took out my anti-virus programs, and my friend had me try using Avast. It scans while the computer is loading which it pretty cool. It worked for me, you might want to give it a try.

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    Common Sense seems to be a great anti-virus, apparently it protects you from harmful sites, Nigerian princes, free and fabulous prizes, and other great things!

    But wait, you can also use it in real life! And it's free!

    Other than that, try using Spybot: Search and Destory, or you might as well wipe it - this is your best choice - just back your PC up and follow the guides linked above.

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    I have had some luck getting rid of this nasty virus. First you need to load the computer in safe mode with networking support. In safe mode you need to temporarily disable windows system restore and delete all restore points. For good measure wipe all temporary internet files and cookies. Now give a through scan with the anti malware program as well as a deep scan using an online scanner I have had some luck with microsoft's
    it is for XP (if you are using vista or & there is a link for that scanner on the above page)

    run those 2 scans this will probably take several hours clean up anything they find

    reboot in safe mode again run the quicker version of the scans to see if there is any remainder. If you get the all clear reboot in normal mode

    For good measure I usually run a 3rd scan using avg's free software between the 3 programs I have been able to remove the fake antivirus virus program successfully several times from peoples computers

    good luck and if all else fails backup and start over

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mink View Post
    Common Sense seems to be a great anti-virus, apparently it protects you from harmful sites, Nigerian princes, free and fabulous prizes, and other great things!
    And there was me thinking a nigerian general was really going to give me 16 million for free no strings attached. How stupid was I!

    No luck getting rid of it yet but I'll keep you posted on whether anything works.

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