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Thread: ADISC band!

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    Default ADISC band!

    Kidding (most likely ). Who here at ADISC plays an instrument?

    I'm a diploma-standard classical pianist (or I will be once I nail these pieces down, and possibly go for my exam in about a year's time).

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    I rap and occasionally write songs. But I don't play any instruments or sing. I suck at both of them.

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    I used to play drums and clarinet. I sing also.

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    I play a little bit of a lot of stuff....
    5 years of piano lessons...(so I play piano pretty well)
    I sing (and have all my life)
    and self taught a tiny bit of...
    Acoutsic/Electric Guitar
    Bass Guitar
    I have a violin..but I can't really play it

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