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    Dragon Age: Origins is set in Medieval times with the common Fantasy twist to it. You play in the country in Ferelden. There are many different beginnings to the game, dependent on what race and class you choose, and what status you want to start as.

    Once you leave the beginning, you land with Duncan, the current leader of the Fereldan branch of Gray Wardens. The Gray Wardens are sworn to protect the world from the Blight, orc-like creatures that are the embodiment of pure evil. Normally, Gray Wardens just defend from wherever Blight-spawn pop up, being able to appear from the ground.

    But this is a true Blight, lead by an Archdemon. They are organized, they are ready, and they are taking over Ferelden.

    So it is up to you, as a Gray Warden, to fight against the Blight and destroy the Archdemon, though not without the help of the races.


    This new game from Bioware is a tactical RPG akin to Baldur's Gate and KoToR. It utilizes a four-person party system with the ability to pause during battle and give commands to your party members. It also has a tactics system like the one on Final Fantasy XII, where you can arrange commands that your party members will execute under certain conditions while you're not controlling them.

    Depending on the enemy, you will sometimes get a special kill animation. A character using melee will be able to stab through an enemy's heart or slice heads off foes, dual-wielders will scissor an enemy's head off. When killing larger enemies like ogres, a melee character will jump and thrust their blade (or axe or mace, though that doesn't make as much sense) into the ogre to tackle it to the ground, then drive their weapon home in its brain.

    Note: This game is EXTREMELY gory, and comes by its M rating honestly. Your characters are literally showered in blood, and remain coated for a long while afterward.

    Another thing that pulls at the strings of RPG fans is the cinematics. They are beautifully done, and there are many to keep you deep in the lore and story of the game. Even simple conversations are done well, and can be influenced greatly by party members you may have at the time.

    Party members themselves are influenced by your actions, and are not afraid to tell you if they agree or disagree with them. Even while wandering around the Fereldan lands, party members will strike up conversations with each other, whether friendly or spiteful. I've found myself laughing pretty hard at some of the banter that I hear. Akin to KoToR and Mass Effect, party members' affection for you will allow special dialogue and will effect their ability to fight alongside you. If you piss them off, they will leave. There's also romance options.

    Unlike Bioware's other games, you have the ability to give gifts to your party members to increase affection. Obviously, certain gifts are better for certain characters, giving a greater boost if given wisely. Some gifts are so special, other characters will refuse them outright. Also, you will be able to give a permanent boost to a certain stat with your conversation prowess.

    There is also a crafting system in the game, though it is limited. You can fashion poisons, bombs, traps, health/mana potions, and balms to protect you from various elements. You need to have a character learn the skills to do so, though.

    Anyway, I could continue on forever with a review on this game. This game is immersive in the extreme, and you'll find yourself wondering where the hours went once you start. The only other thing I can say is if you like RGPs, like KoToR or Mass Effect, or even Baldur's Gate, PLAY THIS. You will not be disappointed.

    For those of you who already own this game, what are your thoughts?

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