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    I have always been completely aware of my diapers whenever wearing and have never previously voided without intent. This morning I was in a series of meetings (stressful time at work) and at some point I realized that I hadnít had the need to go to the bathroom for hours. I went to the restroom and checked my diaper Ė it was wet.

    Wow. Thatís never happened to me before. I have been wearing diapers off and on for decades.

    I am not sure what to think of it. I am torn between thrill and horror.

    More later.

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    Possibly it came out slowly? But i guess it's not really a good sign :s I just hope it doesn't happen again if your not diapered!

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    How wet was it exactly...? I mean, if the wetness thingy was just slightly different, it's possible that it was sweat. If there was actually urine in the diaper, then yeah, you wet it without realizing.

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    There our two possibilities:

    -It was the most 'relaxing' meeting ever.
    -It was the worst 'fearfull' meeting ever.

    So...which one was it :P

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    Maybe you're body's just gotten the message that it's ok to void if you're in a diaper, just like you're body knows it's ok to void if you're on the toilet. On the can, your muscles will relax and you'll go spontaneously. So if you're diaper becomes like the toilet for you...

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    Sense it's normal to you now, it didn't stick in your short term memory. You probably knew it happened when it happened, but just didn't commit it to memory because it was an irrelevant piece of information. Unless you start having accidents, that's probably what happened.

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    The meetings weren't fearful or relaxing. I am being given a fantastic opportunity at work. So the stress is more of the "can I really do this?" kind, but in a good way.

    My diaper clearly had urine in it. Not sweat.

    After thinking about this over the course of the day I no longer feel horrified or thrilled by what happened. I have long ago accepted that diapers are part of my life, so that this incident feels like a natural part of my life. It may be the first and only incident of this type or the beginning of a trend. Whatever it is, I am calm about it. It's part of my life and of who I am.

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