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    I don't know when I read Arlikra's extensive (and apparently, third) introduction, but with memories of my own painfully succinct forum debut fresh in my memory- even though it's been more than a year- I thought I'd follow his good example. Here goes!

    I can't really remember where the screen-name Gemini came from. It was probably one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time, although it's turned out better than most things I've done because they seemed like a good idea at the time. My real name is Luke (or, Prince of Darkness... I kid you not, there's a looong story behind that nick)

    Part of the reason for the events leading up to the nickname is that I wear all black a lot (read: all the time) and am a fairly hardcore metalhead- but you could tell the second part from my sigline. I went to Bloodstock, the UK's #1 metal fest, in both '08 and '09 and can't wait for Bloodstock '10!

    I'm a fresher at Lampeter University in Wales, and loving it! Won't say any more about what I do at uni cause someone could potentially identify me through that.

    Personality-wise? I'm an easygoing guy- far too easygoing sometimes. It's very rare for me to judge anybody. Fairly quiet- I prefer staying in by my lonesome to going out and socializing/drinking every night like most people here seem to. Doesn't mean I don't like a night of fun every so often though...
    I'm not an orderly person, far from it, but I like things to be relatively clean. Unlike my flatmates, I actually do washing up straight after I've used stuff rather than leaving it in the sink until it rots...

    Okay, why I'm here and other naughty stuff- if you're impressionable/overly-sensitive/non-ABDL look away now!

    I'm bi- though prefer women to men- out, and fairly proud. Not exactly vanilla, either- watersports, domination & submission (in both AB and not-AB senses), mild bondage and nappies- mine & other people's- are my things. Not that that's an entirely unexpected selection of deviations...

    I've wanted to wear nappies as long as I can remember. I realized at 12/13 that I was neither alone nor sick in the head, and thus became a lot happier all round. Through pure ingenuity I've managed to find a good hiding place for a stash in my cramped uni bedroom and so have just taken delivery of a crate of Abri-form X-plus and been wearing 24/7 ever since. Not that it's been a long time or anything.

    I have a certain interest in AB stuff, and a more concrete one in the whole sissy/LG thing- although by what I've been given to understand (ie sissy is forced, LG isn't) I'm definitely an LG in that respect. I signed the pink bambinos petition as soon as I saw it- if they started making those I'd wear 'em and to hell with the postage costs! Most of my AB stuff (sleeper, paci, panties for those days when I'm feeling like a naughty, semi-toilet-trained kid) is decidedly girly- although none of that is here at uni.

    I'm also quite interested in being an AB parent/caregiver. It's something that's quite recent compared to my wanting to wear nappies, and it took me quite by surprise when it surfaced. I have a strong stomach- made even stronger by living in halls at uni (the state my roomies leave the kitchen in... honestly!) Please refrain from bombarding me with requests, you will just be ignored- apart from the obvious (strangers etc.), I'm a student who's being worked very very hard at the moment and has almost no ability to accommodate or travel.

    Well, that's a rubbish note to end on isn't it? Ohwell. Hope that was informative without being too much information!


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    There were quite a few people who replied to my (yes, third) introduction that said it may inspire them to do one of their own... but this, as far as I know, is the first one (or at least the first one to actually mention me =P).

    Unfortunately, you're way too ancient for me to have read your first one =P so I have nothing to compare it to. I enjoyed reading this, however, and I feel like I know you better (I didn't know you at all previously... but still, you know what I mean =P)

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    Hmm, seems you've beaten the longest introduction thread (i think)

    Woo Not seen you around, but welcome to the forum

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    ... and welcome from me; yes, highly informative about the diaper-related stuff... Hope to get to know other sides of you too.

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    Probably one of the longest intros I have ever seen. I wish this could work for the 6 word intros for the newbies.

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