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Thread: One diaper 24 hours

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    Default One diaper 24 hours

    I was wondering if I would have any problems from wearing one diaper from now until tomorrow morning. Anyone?

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    It will depend on your wetting/messing that you do. It's not healthy to have a wet/messy diaper on for extended periods of time.

    I would say if it's dry for at least 12-18 hours you shouldn't have any problems but don't try and hold pee/poo without going for that long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bill View Post
    I was wondering if I would have any problems from wearing one diaper from now until tomorrow morning. Anyone?
    I don't see any problems. Don't know how your skin reacts (e.g. if you get rashes easily), but I have done same with a premium diaper and had no issues.

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    It's a Bambino, so it's premium. I dunno, never gotten a rash before.

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    Your avatar makes me want to believe you. How frightened I am. :p

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    I were a diaper for 12+ hours all the time from when I go to bed a 8 to like 9 the next morring. I some times have to pee at 1am so I do it in the diaper. I were in in the morring and pee till I have to poop. One diaper and a huggies size 6 will do the job.

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    Well I've already wet it twice, but little wettings. I dunno if it'll make it that long, I may be forced to change.

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    You'll probably make it, but it depends on how much you wet. Too much, and obviously you'll leak. If you manage to not make it leak, then you might have to worry about a rash. Oh, and smell.

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    uhhh, enjoy o.o
    i wouldent want to wear one for 24 hours...
    but whatever makes you happy

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